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Nokia’s 4G deployment deal from Vodafone India

Nokia’s 4G deployment deal from Vodafone India

One can’t ignore the fight between the telecom operators in India; in fact India’s telecom sector is the second largest when compared with all other nations of the world. Over the past 15 plus years, the telecom industries in India are showing tremendous growth and still showing positive sign of growth in terms of economic.

Nokia's 4G deployment deal from Vodafone India

According the report submitted on behalf of global survey the Indian telecom is expected to have more than 4 million jobs in both by direct and by indirect forms. In literal, almost all the peoples of India who are consuming mobile networks are using dual SIMS which makes the network user’s count more than the country’s population in nearby future.  In order to grab the market, the top most telecom sectors of India which are Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are in literal fight on holding their customers, particularly after the arrival the Reliance Jio in the market, with whooping offers in 4G spectrum.

4G in India

With the arrival of Reliance Jio in the Indian telecom sector, the 4G market of almost every networks has been shattered since, Jio started to offers internet and voice calls for free to their customers. In order to be in the competition, the other telecom giants in India announcing their offer’s which they can provide best to their customers. Recently the Vodafone India makes deal with mobile phone legend Nokia for the deployment and also for the enhancement of the 4G network.

Nokia in India

Nokia one of the Finnish based multinational companies once it was the leader and best in terms of mobile selling. However, with the arrival of modern technology and android platform the market of Nokia went down. Now, the company modernized their products and trying to be in the mobile vendor competition.

In India, The Nokia stepped in the market by around 1995, ever since they are the most significant mobile selling product throughout the India until for the past few years. Having more than 280 milion customers in India, the nokia company owns more than 15 thousand people as its employee in both direct and indirect manner in the nation.

Vodafone in India

Vodafone one of the multinational company from the Britain, stepped into the Indian telecom sector after purchasing the Hutch network, currently they are the second network which holds high number of customer base after the nation’s pride network Airtel.

By the end of the year 2015, the telecom giant introduced 4G in India on certain cities. Though, the network keeps on increasing its 4G coverage in many cities across the nation, the company is looking forward to introduce the VoLTE-Vodafone services later in this year 2017 by following the other telecom networks Airtel and Jio which are ahead in providing such services to their customers.

 VoLTE-Vodafone services in India

Recently the India’s second largest telecom network Vodafone India made a deal worth of Rs. 3650 Crore with the mobile phone vendor Nokia in order to expand and increase its 4G LTE services in certain parts of the country.

As per the statement released by the trustable sources it is widely believed that the deal with the mobile phone vendor and the telecom giant in India will be for implementing the 4G LTE service in 10 of the telecom circles of the country.

Telecom Circles which are selected to get Vodofone’s 4G network from Nokia
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu-Chennai
  • Haryana
  • UP East
  • West Bengal
  • Punjab
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu & Kashmir

Key points about the Rs. 3650 Cr Deal of Vodafone India deal and Nokia

  • The Vodafone network already established their 4G service in almost 17 telecom circles of India, however, with the newly made deal with Nokia, they are about to make strong footprint in terms of 4G services in certain circles.
  • So far, the telecom network Vodafone’s over 90% of the India’s revenues are from those covered circles 17 from the nation. In order to boost those revenue margins from other cities and town, the telecom giant planned to deploy its 4G services in more than 24 thousand cities across the nation in next couple of month.
  • When compared with all other telecom networks in India, the Vodafone has the high number of consumers from the rural areas by implementing and expanding its 4G services in rural areas of the nation, the company’s revenue would be increased.
  • Before making deal with the mobile phone vendor Nokia for expanding and for the deployment of 4G services, the telecom giant made deal with the Chinese based firm Huawei.
  • The Nokia already owns the deal of expanding and deploying of 4G services in the country India with the India’s leading telecom company Airtel.
  • By signing the deal with the Vodafone India for its 4G services deployment and expansion, the Nokia becomes the only gear provider for the India’s top two telecom sectors.


Well, it is clearly seen that the second largest telecom sector of India Vodafone is ramping its capacities in terms of providing better services in order to stay in the competition with the existing 4G service providing telecom giants like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio. By owning multi band 4G capable spectrum for about 20 thousand crore from the air wave auction which held on last year in India, the Vodafone India Looking forward to take the lead in the 4G services.

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