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Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar

Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar

Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar

The 7 points or the Saat Nischay that brought forth the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar is one that has major resolves for the state. Nitish Kumar and his government are very clear headed about what they want to do for their state. They have declared the 7 resolves which include strengthening the infrastructure of the state and making skill development and education a priority. This will ensure more jobs and better prosper of the state.

Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar

For this purpose Nitish Kumar has pledged an investment of 2.7 lakh crore – against 1.25 lakh crore of Narendra Modi himself. No wonder Nitish Kumar swept away the vote banks with his powerful speeches and 7 promises.

So that is the main agenda of these resolves? The agenda includes the construction of “bijli, sadak, paani” as in, electricity, road and water. These are the basic requirements for anyone to build an industry. Also the focus will be on youth employment and women empowerment. These are the basic ideas behind those 7 strong resolves.

The 2.7 lakh crore is to be distributed as follows –

Road connectivity and drainage system

Road connectivity is essential to the development of any place as more transport gives rise to more small and big industries and thus, more employment. Therefore the biggest share of the expenditure has been dedicated to the road connectivity and drainage system.

This agenda has promised the rural areas to be connected with all weather roads. This means that the rural areas and plots will be well accessible from all parts of the state. This promise is over and above the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana launched by the central government.

Youth Employment and Skill development

Today the unemployment rates in the country are at a 5 year highest. This means that within the last 5 years the unemployment rates are the highest this year. This matter will only worsen with time if initiatives are not taken by the government. Thankfully, the State Government of Bihar under the direction of Nitish Kumar has aimed to facilitate employment to the youth.

This agenda has received the second largest budget allocation. This is because Bihar has a low young population (between 17-29 years), but about 17.5% unemployment rate.

To make things feasible for the young people, the Bihar Government is taking the following steps:

  • A monthly allowance of Rs. 1000 for a maximum of 9 months for the ones between 20-15 years of age. This is to be provided for 9 months during which they are to search for jobs. Each youth can avail this scheme twice only.
  • The 12th class students to be provided credit cards to take loans for higher education from the banks. These loans will be provided at a 3% subsidized interest rate. Loans up to 4 lakh rupees can be taken for this purpose.
  • A venture capital of Rs. 500 crore is to be set up for those people who want to start their own business and want to venture into the manufacturing unit businesses.
  • 38 centers to be opened up in Bihar to provide the youth with basic skill development aid. They will be taught how to use computers, given language training and tools to enhance their skills. These employment centers will aid 15 million youth in Bihar.

Strong electricity supply

The government planned that electricity will be provided to all households. The agenda promised that within two years all the villages and nearby places will get electricity. It must be noted that as of Census 2011 only 3.09 million houses in Bihar had electricity.

After this, 2,139,709 households had received electricity from 2007-12. The target was to give electricity to 3,828,477 households.

Clean drinking water and proper sanitation

Previously only 10% of the houses in Bihar had clean drinking water source within their own houses and also 0.7% of the Bihar population had taps in their homes.

Nitish Kumar plans to connect 1.6 million urban households with pipelines. Also the next 17.9 million households would be connected to a direct source of clean drinking water. This is the vision.

Also, in line with the sanitation scheme, the government has aimed to provide toilets in every household within the five years of their service. This would roughly constitute to 17.5 million toilets to be constructed in every house.

Access to higher education

The government also saw to it that higher education was accessible for all. They also ensured that five new medical colleges were built along with new nursing colleges in all the medical colleges.

Bihar is having 22 universities at present out of which 21 are regular universities and one is an open university. In 2013 there were 287 government colleges and 387 local body colleges in the state and at present only 10 engineering colleges are there in Bihar.

According to the proposal, every district would now have one engineering college and technical institute so that the youth can better prepare themselves for a bright future.

Women empowerment

Women empowerment is a major issue that has been much talked about in the recent past. To empower the women of Bihar, Nitish Kumar promised a 35% reservation for women in all State government jobs. This is not all – even in police department, the reservation for women recruitment would be raised to 35% for the state government.


These are some of the ways in which the alliance government plans to roll out the development of the region. A lot of these plans have already reached fruition while some have partially succeeded while some other facets of the resolutions could definitely be given more attention to. The money allocation for each program tells you all.

What is the monetary distribution under each policy –?

Serial No.Development of areasAmount distributed (in crores)
1Roads and Drainage development78000
2Youth Employment and Skill development49800
3Drinking water or sanitation47700
4Higher Education10300
6Electricity supply55600

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