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India is going to be the next in line High Speed Hyperloop Train system

India is going to be the next in line High Speed Hyperloop Train system

Well science and technology has made immense improvements. It cannot be denied that, we, the people, have the convenience to perform a lot of activities in a very short period of time. Now that being said, this article is going to focus on a complete new invention of science which is known as the Hyperloop technology. So, what is this technology all about? With the Hyperloop technology, we are going to attain a complete different form of transportation system that will be able to carry passengers into pods. Those pods shall have a speed of 600 mph which is approximately 1000kmph. Now that is something really shocking invention!

India is going to be the next in line High Speed Hyperloop Train system

The tests

The prototype pods have already been tested and those have already started working on the magnetic tracks that are set up. The transport process shall be identical to the maglev trains that are used in japan. This concept is going to save a lot of time, especially in India, where the passengers have to face a lot of difficulties in the office hours.

Good news for India

It has been stated by the Hyperloop transportation technologies that it will start this futuristic project really soon and India is going to be one of the countries among the different countries where the project is established. Well, it cannot be denied that in comparison to the vision and plans of the HTT, the transportation systems from one city to another are really slow. Even in China or Japan, the two countries that have the fastest trains, the transportation system is not as fast as this HTT is going to provide. Hyperloop is the result because of which, the passengers travel time from one city to another shall be reduced to one tenth of its actual time.

The plan

According to the plan that has been formatted by HTT, the first proposed train is going to be live in the year 2019. It will have the route between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now, speaking of this distance, the usual journey takes 6 hours, but with the invention of this technology, it is going to take less than 35 minutes. This is really a worthy investment to make. And this means the speed of the trains are going to be around 700kmph.

With such a high velocity of trains, the system has already been tested in shorter distances and it has proved to be completely safe. The HTT makes the usage of vacuum technology that enables a transport to move around with a tremendous high velocity without causing any harm to its inside materials. According to the company senior executives, HTT is eyeing for expanding its project into India and they are also going to hire Indian talents for the project development and testing purposes. But this is not really going to be a piece of cake for India because the other competitors in the Middle Eastern countries and some Asian countries would also opt to bag this project.

It will be a dream come true for the people of India if they were able to complete the distance of Chennai to Bengaluru within 35 minutes and that too in a fraction of the fare they have to pay in flights. The best part of this technology is, this is cheaper, faster and more comfortable than any of the transportation systems that the world has ever encountered.

A negative aspect

But there is a major negative aspect to this transportation system. Since this technology carries passengers in pods, it will not be able to carry a lot of passengers. But this situation can be dealt with. If the number of pods can be increased, then it won’t be too much troublesome for people to travel. The number of pods can be increased depending on the demand of passengers.

But does India have the proper infrastructure?

Well, this is a major question. Because the Hyperloop technology is still in testing condition even in the US. And in case any issues come up, the project shall not be finalized. Since safety is of paramount importance for such high speed transportation, there are chances that India may not be able to implement this transportation mechanism. India does not have a lot of high speed trains yet, and this is why the officials will not take the risk. But there is also news that driverless metro pods shall be introduced in Gurgaon, but it has not been confirmed yet.

A tabular overview of Hyperloop technology in India

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Creator of Hyperloop Elon Musk
2. Estimated time of completion By 2021
3. Tests Two phase, one is design contest that is won by MIT, and the second one is On track test.
4. Funding company SpaceX
5. Ticket price Not fixed yet
6. Number of people in each pod 20

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