Sunday , September 23 2018

“NagafarmDoctor” Mobile App for Farmers in Nagaland

“NagafarmDoctor” Mobile App for Farmers in Nagaland

With 2018 budget session, it is obvious that more number of state government’s are focusing on agricultural sectors. This means that the new schemes are always being introduced by the state government that offers benefit to the farmers of the state. With this in mind, state government of Nagaland has also announced to launch the new mobile app services for the farmers of the state.

Launch details

The new mobile interactive app has been officially announced for implementation by G. Kaito Aye – State Agricultural Minister. The new Mobile App is termed as Naga Farm Doctor and is introduced for launch on Android Mobiles.

Key Features

  • The new App is designed for implementation on the mobile platform. Using the mobile app it is obvious that farmers get the convenience of being interactive.
  • They can get connected to each other or the authorities and collect more set of information related to plant diseases and precautionary measures to be taken. The NagafarmDoctor app has been developed by the state’s Agricultural department and new features related to interactivity have also been introduced.
  • Using the new mobile app the farmers can submit their queries directly to the authorities. At the same time, the mobile app can also be used by them for viewing relevant information related to queries submitted.
  • As per the authorities and the state agricultural department the queries will be attended by the professionals in the department and agricultural sector such that farmers get most accurate solutions and answers to their queries for any plant or crop diseases.
  • One of the most important features of the new mobile app is that the state farmers can also use it just like Whats App where they can directly get in contact with other state farmers for exchanging messages and information on their Android and smart phones.

The above mentioned mobile app services is a new initiative introduced by the state government for farmers so it can prove helpful in boosting the agricultural sector of the state. The officials have also been requested by the government for offering all possible help by visiting remote villages and farmers.

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