Mysore or Mysuru Top Tourist Attractions Place To Visit

Mysore (or Mysuru) Top Tourist Attractions Place To Visit. Mysore is also well-known to be the second largest city of the Karnataka, and in the old period, it was regarded as the capital of the Wodeyar Dynasty. This city is regarded as one of the palace cities as numerous buildings and palaces are located all around the city. This city has got a huge galore for the ancient architecture which gives it a picturesque view for the residents and also to the travelers who come from various corners of the world to visit this place. Previously this city was regarded as one of the sleeping cities as not many people knew about it. But gradually this city came into prominence and travelers from all around the world came to visit this place. Today this city is stepping towards the modernization of the world, and all type of ultra-modern facility is now available here. Multiplex, supermarkets, and many apartments are now found in many places around the city. This city is still a standout among the visitors with a nice blend of old traditional culture which is still preserved in the heart of the city providing a whole new essence for the visitors.

Over the late, Mysore has become a very popular tourist destination among the people from all over the world. For planning a tour around the Mysore city, you will find many websites on the internet which give information about the locations and facilities that are available in Mysore. You can also pick a travel guide which will provide you sufficient information regarding Mysore. You will get to know about the transports that are available in Mysore and also about the hotels that are available in Mysore. This city is located close to the domestic airport of the city. The domestic airport is located at distance of 12 km from the city. Mysore is also profoundly connected to the railway system. Mysore Junction is one of the busiest railway junctions in Karnataka. This city is also well connected with Bangalore. Regular transport facility is available to reach Bangalore from the Mysore city. There are also other modes of public transport available within the city. Rickshaw and auto services are also available for the tourists to roam around every corner of the city.

Weather of Mysore

Mysore is very much popular among the tourist visiting from all parts of the world. The Mysore city is located in the peninsular India. This region is known to have a moderate climate all over the year turning it to be a pleasant place for the visitors and also for the tourist visiting there. Mysore does not have the rugged or barren terrains, and it has a vast demographic landscape which offers a pleasant outing for the visitors all around the year.

A brief history of Mysore: Tipu Sultan

The history of the Mysore city will remain untold if the mention of the popular historical character Tipu Sultan is not made. Tipu Sultan is one of the most popular characters in the history of India. Tipu Sultan being regarded as“Tiger of Mysore” was born on 20th November in the year 1750 at Devanahalli, Bangalore city. He was the leader of the empire of Mysore. Tipu Sultan was the child of Sultan Hyder Ali of the city of Mysore and his spouse, Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa. The boy, Tipu Sultan was a great ruler, and besides that, he was also regarded as one of the great pioneers of art and literature.


Tipu Sultan was a great soldier, but he was also known to be a great administrator. He introduced many innovative methods within his court which proclaimed him to be as one of the best rulers of Indian history. He introduced the Mali lunisolar calendar, a new coin system for the people under his administration and also a new set of rules for the land revenue system. He also used advanced technologies which also expanded the growth of the Mysore silk industry of the region, and the Mysorean rockets that were during his dominion were also used as an effective weapon against the mighty British invaders.

Tipu Sultan was also regarded as a heroic soldier as he earned victories against the mighty British soldiers who were known to have better arms and militaries compared to the Indians on those days. He earned a victory against the British invaders in the second Anglo-Mysore war. Though Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British in the third Anglo-Mysore war, this defeat has also forced him to sign a humiliating treaty. As a result of this Tipu Sultan lost control over some of the areas which he proclaimed before including the areas of Malabar and Mangalore. Tipu Sultan was killed in the year 1799 on 4th May when he was defeated in the hands of the British who took help from the other Indian rulers like Nizam of Hyderabad and the Maratha’s. Tipu Sultan was killed by a conspiracy of the Indian rulers and British in the 4th Anglo-Mysore war.

Ruler of Mysore: Tipu Sultan (1750-1799)

Tipu Sultan was regarded as one of the famous ruler and administrators among his people. He was a Muslim by faith and was indulged in prayers and offerings on a regular basis. During his days as a ruler, he was also involved in the completion of various other projects which was earlier started by his father. He completed LalBagh project started by his father, Hyder Ali. He was also a lover of other religions and religious culture bloomed during his rule. Muhammad Falak Ali was the teacher of the great Tipu Sultan who taught him how to fight on a battlefield.

He built streets, public buildings, and ports along the Kerala shoreline. Under his authority, the Mysore armed force ended up being a school of military science to Indian sovereigns. Tipu and his dad have kept up a decent connection with the Mughal ruler. Tipu Sultan kept up numerous international safe havens and made a few associates with Mohammad Ali Khan, leader of the popular Zand Dynasty in Persia. Tipu likewise kept up a communication with Hamad Bin Said, the chief of the dynasty of Oman.

Amid Tipu’s control, the regulatory exchanges inside Mysore were done in Persian, Kannada, and Marathi. The greater parts of his key ministers were upper-status Brahmins. Obviously, his liberal blessings to real Hindu sanctuaries and religious requests in the State are very much recorded. The 10-day long grand Dasara festivities proceeded with an individual from the Woodier imperial family managing the merriments. Additionally, conservative religious changes have not been recorded anyplace in Mysore. The perplexing style of Tipu’s administer in Mysore ought to make it hard for anybody to consider him as a religious enthusiast.

Mysore is regarded the most important cities in the southern parts of India. This region has a galore about the history of the life of Tipu Sultan and other rulers of the neighboring territories. Tipu Sultan being a famed character in the history of India and being a prominent administrator and ruler it is customary to look into the courts and forts of the Tipu Sultan.

Though nothing much is known about Tipu Sultan being a patron of art and cultures the majestic courts and the pleasant Mysore citywill attract the tourist from all around the world. A visitor who wants to explore the Mysore city will require around three to four days looking into various places of the Mysore city. Some tourist agencies conduct tour around the Mysore cityand cover all the places in a single day.

List of Top Important Tourist Attractions Place of Mysore 

  1. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is located in the heart of the Mysore city. This was the official residence of the ruler of the Mysore. Palace of Mysore is often regarded as the Amba Villas. There is also a housed Durbar which denotes to be the name of the modern Royal officers of Mysore. This majestic palace is built with the rosewood doors, and the ornamental carvings are seen in the doors of the court. There are painting on the walls of the palace that shows the images of the rulers of various periods who ascended the throne of Mysore and other officials who have visited the Mysore Palace as a guest. This majestic palace is known to be illuminated with 1, 00,000 bulbs during the weekend and also on the national holidays.

  1. Brindavan Garden

This garden is also regarded as one of the beautiful places for the visitors to the Mysore city. The mention of the Brindavan Gardens is also made in the books of children. This park provides many options for entertainment and recreation for the visitors. There are fountains and gardens inside the parks. People will also find research centers that are located inside the Brindavan Gardens. Boat riding facility is also available inside the park, and there are some guesthouses that are located near the Krishna Raja Sagara dam. The light and sound program of the Brindavan Gardens is one of the most entertaining programs for the tourist. People can easily visit the place as the Krishna Raja Sagar circle bus stand is located close to the park.

  1. Jaganmohan Palace

This palace was built in 1861 by KrishnarajaWodeyar III. This palace was built followed by the Hindu styles, and this palace was used by the Royal families after the main palace was burnt down. There are three floors of the palace and the each of the floors is made with Covered shutters of stainless glass.

  1. Chamundi Hills

The whole city can be viewed from these hills. These hills are not steep, and the average heights of these hills are less than a thousand meters. The main significance of these hills is the view of the whole Mysore cityfrom the top of the hills. During the Dasshera festival, the Mysore palace looks like an elegant place with of glittering gold from the top of the hills.

  1. Kabini Dam

If you get the chance of visiting Mysore city then make it a point to check out the amazing engineering wonders of the Kabini Dam that is located on the river that goes with the same name. The height of this dam is a whopping 2284 feet and it has the capacity of holding 19, 52,000 million cubic feet of water. As the river is always full of water, on the turbine side, you will witness the force of the falling water, while the dam lake remains calm on the other side of the wall. The surrounding area has many hillocks and forests. Thus, the area is frequently visited by nature lovers and hikers.

  1. Suvarnavathi Dam

Many dams are present on the rivers, which flow through Mysore city but the beauty of the Suvarnavathi Dam cannot be compared to any. The dam provides water for irrigation to many farms in the surrounding areas and saved the crops for the attack of drought. The dam is 18 feet wide in the top part and at the bottom, it measures 160 feet. The dam can easily store 1258.76 mft of water. Adding to the beauty of the calm and pristine Lake, the forests and the dense greenery will attract the eyes of all tourists. If you are luck, then you might be able to spot wild animals like elephants doing the rounds in the area surrounding the da,.

  1. Thonnur Lake

If you want to spend some time in the vicinity of beautiful water body then there is no better option that to take a trip to the Thonnur Lake. You will be able to reach the area easily as it is located only at a distance of 30 km from the main city. According to historical records, the ruler of the city called the lake MotiTalab due to the grandeur and natural beauty of the setting. The lake covers 2000 acres of land. The water of the lake is sued for the purpose of helping the farmers for irrigation. The water of the lake is free from any dirt. You will be able to spot the rocks on the lake bed. Another astonishing fact is that, the lake has never gone dry, even during the seasons of low precipitation and drought.

As the area on all sides of the water body are covered with thickets and lush greenery, the overall setting of the lake appeals to all. Here you will be able to indulge in a good photographic session. As the area is dotted with many beautiful areas, the locals as well as the tourists, come here for an evening picnic. There is nothing like basking in the sun, during the winters, in the lap of nature.

  1. Mysore Zoo

If you are traveling with children then a visit to the state zoo, popularly known as the Mysore Zoo is a must. The other name of the zoo is the ShriChamarajendra Zoological Gardens and has an impressive collection of wild animals. Though most of the animals are breed in captivity, others are transferred from the forest or other zoos. The main attraction of the place is the enclosures of the lions, elephants, tigers and giraffes. Apart from these animals, there are other herbivores as well as carnivores present in the zoo. There is a huge water body in the middle of the zoo and migratory birds come to the place during the winter months. They have a big collection of reptiles in the zoo as well.

  1. Brindavan Gardens

Who will not want the luxury of taking a leisurely walk in the well-maintained Brindavan Gardens? This place has been constructed and maintained properly for adding to the beauty of the place. It is located under the dam named KrishnarajaSagar. The erection and beautification of the garden lasted from 1927 to 1932. The garden measures 150 acres. The garden is considered to be one of the largest in the entire nation. The other attractions of the garden include the beautiful and differently shaped fountains and an impressive botanical garden. Here, you will be able to see various kinds of trees and plants. Both the local people and the tourists prefer to visit the place during the dusk, as the setting rays of the sun fall on the garden and create a romantic ambience. Children as well as adults prefer to visit this one of a kind garden.

  1. Shivanasamudra Falls

Situated about 85 kms from the vicinity of the main city, the Shivanasamudra Falls is one of the prime attractions for all tourists. The particular water fall has cemented its place among the top rated 100 falls from all over the world. The roaring sound of the water, falling on the hard rocks will make your heart tremble but at the same time, the majestic beauty of the setting will fill your sense. The fall is set amidst the picture perfect mountains, covered with green thicket. These forests are adobe to many wild beats and a guided tour of the woods will allow the tourist to get into the forests.

  1. Melukote

If you want to capture the snaps of a beautiful sunrise or sunset then visiting the Melukote is the ideal thing to do. The area is dotted with many shrines and this is the reason why locals and devotees from all over the country treat it a holy site. These temples had been constructed in the ancient times but they have been able to stand the test of time. The natural setting of the area will be able to take your breath away and its serene atmosphere will give you the sense of heavenly calmness.

  1. Folklore Museum

If you are making a list of the popular sites in the city, then make sure that the Folklore Museum gets a place in it. The construction of the museum was done in the year 1968 and since then, it has been wowing the audiences from all over the planet. The main aspect of the place is you will be exposed to a vast collection of expensive and magnificent works of art. These pieces of art work have been brought in from every corner of the state. As the name suggest, a lot of stress has been put on the display of objects and articles related to folklores. From objects made of glass and mud to finely carved articles made of wood are placed on display. If you want to know more about the art and craft of the area then make it a point to take a visit to this place. The children will be able to get a lot of knowledge by seeing these articles.

  1. Somnathpur Temple

Chennakesava Temple and Keshava Temple are also the two names by which the Somnathpur Temple is known to the locals and the tourists. The distance of the temple is only 35kms from the city limits. According to the historical documents, the temple was constructed during the reign of the Hoysalas, under whom, the area prospered. Lord Venugopalaand Lord Janardhanaare the two main deities of the shrines. As it is expected, the carvings on the halls and the pillars are very intricate. It will be difficult to believe that a bunch of artists with crude instruments managed to make such amazing monuments.

  1. GRS Fantasy Park

If splashing in the clean waters is what you wish for then a visit to the GRS Fantasy Park, with friends and family will be the ideal place. The water based amusement park measures 10000 sqft and the JalTharang is an added attraction to the tourists. An entry fee is charged for entry and the par is operational throughout the year. The total water capacity of the water park is an astounding 72000 liters. You can also opt for the ride that has been attracting all eyes in the recent times. The mane of the ride is Aqua Tornado. There is also an artificial waterfall that adds to the appeal of the theme park.

These were just an overview of some of the popular hangout destinations of the royal city. Once you land in the city, you will be spoilt for choices. Make sure that you have some time at hand so that you will be able to explore all the gems of the area. It is the right time to get set and acquire all details from the internet and make the check list. This will assist you in experiencing all the colors and tastes of the area. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, the city is also famous for the delicious cuisines.

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