Mukhyamantri Bal Hridaya Yojana (MBHY) Madhya Pradesh

Mukhyamantri Bal Hridaya Yojana (MBHY) Madhya Pradesh – Medical Treatment to Poor 

Under the leadership of the Hon’ble CM of Madhya Pradesh, Shree S S Chauhan, the scheme MBHY was launched in the state. The main aim of the MBHY scheme is to provide improved medical treatment to all the children of the state who are from economic backward families. Almost all critical diseases and treatments which need prolonged and costly treatments will be made available and free for the poor children of the state so that no child dies of heart disease or cancer. This scheme has similarity with the Hriday Upchar scheme which was launched back in 2011 and was dedicated for treatment of heart diseases and disorders among children in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Under that scheme, a total of 1,748 beneficiaries where provided with free treatment due to their heart disorders.  The project implementation was done in both the state as well as district level.

Mukhyamantri Bal Hridaya Yojana (MBHY) Madhya Pradesh

Nature of beneficiaries for Mukhyamantri Bal Hridaya Yojana

As the name of the scheme MBHY clearly suggests that this scheme is meant for the children of the state. All the financially backward children below the age of 14 years are entitled to get free and compulsory medical treatment under the scheme for various major ailments. The treatments will be performed from state govt. funds and in the best hospitals and medical facilities in the state. The beneficiaries under the scheme must be permanent residents of the state of Madhya Pradesh so that to get entitled for the scheme. Further, the family of the children must belong to BPL category or lower income group. Recently, a group of 51 children who are from financially backward families has got free treatment under the Bal Hridaya scheme.

Medical Facilities and hospitals serving under the scheme

CM Chauhan has ensured that the top hospitals of the state which are equipped with the latest medical facilities, technologies and medical teams are given the responsibility to treat the patients under the MBHY. The super speciality hospitals enlisted to provide free treatment to major diseases for the poor and backward children of Madhya Pradesh are :

  • Bhandari Hospital and Research centre, Indore.
  • Bombay Hospital, Vijay Nagar, Indore.
  • CHL Apollo Hospital, Indore.
  • Vishesh Hospital.
  • Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre.
  • Gokuldas Heart Hospital.
  • Hamidia Hospital, Gandhi Medical College.
  • Chirayu Cardiac Centre.
  • CHL Medical Centre, Ujjain.

Apart from these top super speciality hospitals, other big medical centers and clinics are also included in the MBHY scheme.

Major diseases / medical disorders to be given stress on under the MBHY

Under the MBHY scheme, several major medical disorders of poor children across the state are being treated in top hospitals. Several cases of major heart diseases among children are being dealt with. Most common type of heart disorder among children is VSD, where nearly 30 per cent cases are from. Other heart disorders commonly found in children are aorta coarctation, transposition in the great vessels, ASD, etc.  For those children who suffer from hearing disorders and low hearing problems related to cochlea, cochlear implants are being provided free of cost to those beneficiaries. Cochlear implants are different from the commonly used hearing aids which just make the sound loud. The cochlear implants help in carrying the sound signals through the cochlea and to the brain. Moreover, provision is also been made to provide treatment for cancer patients and patients suffering from kidney disorders under the Bal Hridaya scheme.

Sanvad-Subhashish program with the beneficiary children by CM

On 4th January, 2017, CM of Madhya Pradesh conducted an assembly program to connect with the beneficiaries of the MBHY. The program was organized in a Community Hall located in Ujjain. Several children, along with their parents who had received cochlear treatments and heart disorder treatments under the MBHY scheme were invited in the program and the Chief Minister met with them. The CM not only thanked the Helath Dept. for their proactive measures in implementing the scheme to its fullest potentials, but also encouraged the district administration for their efforts to reach the medical facilities to the needy and poor children in their blocks with medical emergencies. However, the CM has also stressed upon creating mass awareness related to the program and reaching the medical treatment opportunities to more children of the state who are needy and poor. Some other ministers and dignitaries were also present in the program along with the CM, such as-

  1. Paras Jain, Energy Minister.
  2. Jagdish Agarwal, Chairman UDA
  3. Diwankar Natu
  4. Chintamani Malviya (MP)
  5. Mohan Yadav (MLA)
  6. Bahadur Singh Chauhan (MLA)
  7. Anil Firojia (MLA)

Budget allocation and amount spent for the Mukhyamantri Bal Hridaya Yojana

Below are the details of the budget allocations and the sum allocated for various treatments under the MBHY in Madhya Pradesh:

Sl. No.SubjectAmount
1Fund allocation for each cochlear implantationRs. 6.50 lakh
2Amount already spent for hearing treatments and cochlear implantsRs. 1.7 crore
3Amount spent on treatment of heart diseasesRs. 68.20 lakh
4District administration expenditure on cochlear implantsRs. 32.50 lakh

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