Mr Yogi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Mr Yogi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

When the culture of India is being influenced a lot by the western culture, this serial Mr Yogi has won the minds of many people. It is one of the landmark serial that is produced by Doordarshan. When whole of the serials in Doordarshan are based on either family subject that is based on typical Indian family or that of something related to adventure and super natural forces, this serial seemed to resemble the actual culture that was prevalent in the midst of 80’s. Starting from the storyline to the way the serial was taken, it was way awesome and it has won hearts of many Indians in a number of ways. Instead of just seeing serials just for a namesake, even when there is only one channel available for the whole nation, this Mr Yogi serial is liked by most of the modern youth as well as adults too. Mr Yogi is one of the serial that has reached many people and won their hearts within a short span of time compared to a number of serials that are being broadcasted by Doordarshan during those days.

Mr Yogi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Even with a very meager budget that was available for this serial at that time, it was actually directed in a very elegant manner. The entire episode of Mr Yogi goes like Om Puri will narrate the previous incidents or the upcoming incident, which is one of the most different approaches that are not being tried out in any of the serials. Even Doordarshan being only one television for the whole country, they tried out Mr Yogi as one of the biggest challenge as it was one of the changeover in the history of serials as it is not concentrating with things that are happening within a family and concentrating more on the things that are happening in the society as a whole.


The story of Mr Yogi is all about a gentleman from India who has settled down in US is moving down to India to find a bride for him. The approaches that he made towards each of the bride during his visit will make people to laugh at a number of instances. Even when Doordarshan had only very meager budget to be invested in those days, they shown the live emotions in a very elegant manner. The story actually stars many actors and actress on its go as our hero Mr Yogi will try to meet with 12 girls, interact with them and try to fix one of them as his life partner.

The story of Mr Yogi is mostly influenced by the screenplay and direction that was prevailing in most of the western media. The story itself is based on a novel. Lead role of the serial Mr Yogi is Mohan Gokhale, who is one of the most talented and gifted artist in the midst of 80’s. Along with our hero Mohan, his bride in the serial Pallavi Joshi also played a very prominent role in the serial which has received her applauds from most of the people in common community.

Relevance Today

Even when Mr Yogi seems to be a serial that has been imported from a foreign culture, there are many ways it has been touching the Indian tradition and culture. The original concept of Mr Yogi is like a Swayanvara taking place in a modern culture. One thing that most of the audience of Mr Yogi experienced for the first time through serials is the situational comedies which are one of the rarest things to be found in most of the serials that are broadcasted by Doordarshan during those days. For those people who want something well and good through serial, Mr Yogi had never failed them at any point of time. In the attempts to select a perfect bride, there are a number of funny things our hero has done in the middle which is more impressive for audience. Apart from Mohan, most of the co actors in the serial have performed in an exceptional manner. The way they created the scenes and the situational comedy has impressed people a lot. Rather than just watching serial in a sad mood, most people begin to enjoy serial like a comedy movie after they start to watch Mr Yogi. Also Mr Yogi is the first serial that is directed by Doordarshan that exactly pictured the way how people from India living in different parts of the world feel about their own country and people over there. Also the influence of western culture over the Indian culture has been clearly pictured in Mr Yogi which is the first ever attempt that is made by a television serial in India. Mr Yogi won hearts of millions of Indians that time.

Important Details Of Mr. Yogi Show
Name Of The ShowMr Yogi
Banner (Production House)NA
DirectorKetan Mehta
CreatorMadhu Rye
Story WriterMadhu Rye
Dialogue Written ByNA
Official Site AddressNA
Telecast Details
Telecast DateNA
Aired On1980s
Telecast EpisodesNA
Episode LengthNA
Telecast Season No.NA
Cast Details
Mr YogiMohan Gokhale
BridePallavi Joshi
Deepa SahiRohini

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