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Moto G5, launch date leaked, G5 Plus specifications

Moto G5, launch date leaked, G5 Plus specifications

To once again win the heart of the nation, Lenovo owned Motorola has announced its flagship mobile phone to be launched in 2017. Motorola has been coming up with this for quite a while now. But the only difference this time is that now it has come up with this version and a ‘plus’. One would definitely expect that they would be taking it up a notch. The previous version of the mobile had been widely successful. With a host of different features, the phone was a craze.

Moto G5, G5 Plus specifications, launch date leaked

Will Moto G5 series be as pleasant?

As per the reports, the Moto G5 and Moto G5 plus will still have focus on the Moto Z and Moto Z Play. Recently the images and the features have leaked in the market, giving us a sneak peek into the expected features of the phone.

Hence we can assume that not much has changed with respect to the features, but there is certainly an addition to the quality. G5 will have a lot of features that its predecessors lacked.

According to insiders, the price of the new Motorola G5 will be Rs. 10,999 in India while G5 Plus will be launched at Rs. 15,999.

Expected features of Moto G5 Plus

  • It will have fingerprint sensor on its 5.5 inch screen. The screen will have Gorilla Glass 3 protection along with 1920×1080 resolutions on the 2D display.
  • Along with that it will have 64-bit Octacore processor. Along with that it will have 4GB RAM and will work super fast with Octa core technology
  • The internal memory will be a whopping 64GB with 128GB expandable memory with MicroSD card. This means there’s no end to the number of apps you can keep on your phone now.
  • The front camera will now be 8MP while the back camera will be 16MP. There will be dual LED flash system with Sony CMOS sensors installed for a high quality picture capture feature.
  • Apart from this the phone will have barometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, electronic compass, light sensor, accelerometer and other such features which will make it an all in one device.

Differences between Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus

There are no prime differences between the two phones in its looks. They both look exactly the same as per the pictures that are released. However, the main difference lies in the features which are pretty evident because the prices are starkly different.

As for now, we know that Moto G5 will not have any fingerprint sensor while G5 Plus will have it. This is because we saw from the pictures that G5 Plus has a place to enter the fingerprint below the home screen button whereas G5 does not have it. This clearly shows that not all features will be the same in both the phones.

In fact both the phones will have the same 5.5 inch HD display. In fact, even the processor will have the same capacity. Yes, Moto G5 will come with Octa core processor. There will be turbo charging point for both of these phones.

The only main difference will be in the camera of the phone. G5 Plus will have 16MP rear camera whereas G5 will come with a plain 13MP camera. Also, G5 plus will have 8MP front camera whereas the G5 will have only 5MP front camera.

Expected launch date and more

Apart from the feature speculation, the phones are also believed to be launched on 8th March 2017. However we still do not know in which market it will be released first. In India, people can expect to get it in the fourth quarter of 2017.

These are all speculations that still do not confirm the specifications. However, if you recall, the same speculations were made for the earlier Moto G4 series which came to be true.

Previously we noticed that both Moto G4 and G4 Plus came in with 13MP and 16MP cameras and similar specifications. They were priced at Rs. 12499 and 13,499 respectively. Keeping this in mind, we can assume that the price range of G5 series will also be the same. This is because both of these phones have the same features. The only difference they have is in their camera.

What is new in these two phones?

The thing that is new in the two phones is the way in which they are using energy. They both have super turbo charging ability. This ability will help them to make the phone work 24 hours.

This means that now you can expect a longer battery life. This is the first of such series from Motorola that claims to give you a longer battery life.

Not just this, but this phone series is expected to bring Android N right out of the box. This means that you cannot just expect a high end Android but you might just get this phone with the new Android Nougat installed.

But of course the battery is going to be of 3500 mAh as per speculations. This means that you get an average battery life that is higher than most tablets in the market.

Motorola’s series so far

Motorola had released its Z series earlier this year. In the Z series we saw for the first time a platform that skips audio jack and plays audio via USB. Motorola has been coming up with a lot of useful features that beat the rest of the Android phones in the market.

Similarly Motorola has advertised its Z play series heavily saying that it has a battery power of 3510 mAh which means that you get a 50 hour usage. Since so much has already been unveiled the users are expecting that the Moto G5 series will trump all these specifications and bring something more to the table. If speculations are to be believed then it is already doing that.


Features Moto G5 Moto G5 Plus
Storage option 16GB 32GB/64GB
Rear camera 13MP 16MP
Front camera 5MP 8MP


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