Mothers Day (13th May) Speech, Quotes, Paragrah 

Mothers Day (13th May) Speech, Quotes, Paragrah 

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Mom, this is one such word which holds an entire story in it. This is a precious gift to mankind. No matter how many relationships you are surrounded by in your life, this one is going to be the best out of all. This is such a beautiful relationship that you have many things to tell about it but then you fall short of words to explain how thankful you are for having a mother.

Every year May 13 is celebrated as mother’s day. This is just like a token of appreciation for the thankless jobs that our mothers do. Nothing we do is enough to thank mothers for all their hard work and sacrifices they make for their children.

Though mother is just one word, one relation, one person; yet she attaches herself to multiple roles in order to serve us better and make our lives comfortable without thinking about her own comfort. Right from the moment we are born and even before we are born we are connected with our mothers. How difficult it must be to carry someone in your womb 24*7 for 9 months and bear the sufferings and all that pain just to bring that someone in this world.

Even after so much of effort and pain that a mother goes through to bring her child in this world, her love for her child is selfless. How great it is to be a mother! A mother takes care of her child in every possible manner. She refuses to give up in any situation and makes sure that her child is safe even though she has to bear any sort of atrocities, pain or difficulties.

A mother is never only a mother but a friend, philosopher, guide and guardian angel for her children. She switches her role with every growing phase of her children.  When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest form of love you’ll ever know. A mother is the one who is still there when everyone else has deserted you.

A mother sees all, says little, sacrifices all, complains little, gives all, and expects little; all she ever wants is her children to be happy. If we take a look at ourselves, can we really think of becoming so selfless? We always expect something or the other from everyone at every point of time in our life. Then how much of greatness does it takes to be a mother to be so magnanimous.

With time we grow and move forward in our lives leaving everything behind and unfortunately for many of us that ‘everything’ includes our mother as well, who once used to be our ‘everything’. And this is how we call ourselves ‘grown-ups’ or ‘adults’. We face different kinds of people and encounter various relationships out of which some deceive us; some are with us for a short while. Tormented, tired and hopeless when we look back we find that we have a relationship still backing us up amidst all this and that is of a mother.

She was always with us, perhaps she was too afraid of getting her child hurt and she just didn’t wanted her child to cry alone facing the atrocities. What better companion for a person can be other than his/her mom?

Every time when you are low you find your mother supporting you, having your back; it’s as if in the mother’s eyes her smile, her stroking touch, the child first reads the message: “I am here.”

We have so many things in our life which are afraid to talk about or talk to anyone but no matter how silliest or how serious of an issue is, you can always trust your other as your best friend and tell her everything because she will always lend you ears and then advice you the best. And perhaps if she knows something secretive about you, it means that no one else in this world will ever know until you want it. So much of trust you can put into a person in an era where it is hard to trust even yourself.

As for me, the older I grow, the more I realize that my mother has been my best friend throughout. Whenever we are having a hard time the first person to come to our minds is mother. Talking about me, if I had a flower for each time when I thought of my mother, I could walk in my garden forever.

The purest and truest meaning of the word unconditional can only be found in a mother’s love. She works hard for her kids to give them a better life and not be called ‘great’. It is said that God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers. I totally go by this notion. To me my mother is my god and I really believe that it is the same for every person on this planet.

Even if a mother is of a dog’s, cat’s, or any other creature, her nature of sacrificing for her children and working hard for them doesn’t change. Mother is love personified. I many-a-times see people misbehaving with their mother or ill-treating them. I just think that how sinful are those people who speak gently with their friends, while they shout at their mothers. Do whatever you may, but you should never disrespect your mother for you would not have existed if it wasn’t for her. Your very existence is her doing.

What we need is not to mark a particular day as mother’s day and gift mom a fancy item to tell her that she is special, what we need is to celebrate each day as Mother’s day and stick with her just like she has ever with us and tell her that we will always be by her side cherishing her company and that we love her more and more each day.

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