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Meru Cabs Categories [Genie, Eve, Ride Share, Outstation]

Meru Cabs Categories [Genie, Eve, Ride Share, Outstation] and their Rates

Meru Cabs is one of the country’s leading app cab service of India. Before Ola and Uber took the app cab business ahead in last few years, Meru Cabs was there in the market providing taxi bookings to the corporate sector people. However, things have changes and Ola and Uber is providing taxis at dirt cheap fares. To compete with the leading players, Meru Cabs has also unveiled three new sections of cabs which will have different fare segments. It is high time to grab the market for Meru which was once famous for providing its radio taxis to multinational companies.

Meru Cabs Creates 3 new Categories [Genie, Eve, Ride Share, Outstation]

Three segments of cabs which will be offered

Meru Cabs was just playing the market with their radio taxis till now. However with stiff competition from Ola and Uber, the company has announced three categories of taxis which will have different fares and facilities. The first category will be the hatchbacks which will be the cheapest in line. This category with low tariffs is expected to be most popular among passengers. Then the second category is sedan which will have semi luxury and luxury class of vehicles with higher rates than the hatchback cars. The last category of taxis being introduced by Meru is the SUV taxis which are also preferred option for corporate and for longer trips due to their travel comfort. One can just download the Meru app and check for availability of cabs. Then the passenger can select any cab category if available for onward journey.

Pricing of the three categories of taxis offered by Meru Cabs

The Meru has launched three categories of cabs and each will have different tariffs for different set of passengers. There will be a fixed base fare and there on, tariff per kilometer in each category. Below are the mentioned tariff charges newly introduced by Meru Cabs in India:

Sl. No. Meru Cab Category Usability Base Fare Per Km tariff
1 Hatchback Widely used due to cheap fares. Rs. 49 Rs. 9 / km
2 Sedan Semi luxury and luxury. Rs. 79 Rs. 10 / km
3 SUV Long trips. Rs. 149 Rs. 15 / km

Comparison with Ola and Uber

Meru has been having tough time controlling their higher tariff rates on their app cabs. Yet, launching the three categories of cabs with different pricing seems of lesser help as the competitors are offering their cabs in much lower rates.  Ola has its fleet of Micro cabs which offers taxis at base fare of Rs. 40 and the distance fare at Rs. 6 per KM, which is much cheaper compared to Meru cabs. Similar fare structures are also there for Uber with their Uber Go lineup. In addition to this, the Ola and Uber have sharing taxis which are widely popular among passengers because they are cheaper. Meru has not yet announced any policy of share taxis.

No Surge Pricing with Meru

While Meru Cabs is still short in giving competition to Uber and Ola because of higher tariff rates, but it also has an advantage with no policy of surging their taxi fares. Surge pricing is one of the draw backs of most of the app cab operators world-wide. Meru cabs never introduced this policy of surge pricing in their taxis, hence providing taxis to their valued customers at steady pre-defined tariffs. So this is very important advantage of booking Meru Cabs while in peak hours with less availability of cabs. With Ola and Uber, during peak hours, taxi tariffs are surged up to 2 – 3 times resulting huge fares. At times due to surge pricing, a passenger might end up paying Rs. 300 for a short ride which usually costs Rs. 120.

Genie Service by Meru

Meru previously made introduction of Genie service which aimed to provide cabs at much lower rates than the usual tariffs by radio taxis. However, the plan was not successful and was much behind the competitive fares of Uber and Ola cabs. The fares offered by the competitors were almost half that of Genie. So the new three categories introduced in the lineup are expected to make results for the app based company.

Advantages of Meru Cabs over other app operators

  • Meru Cabs is one of the oldest cab operators providing taxis for its valued passengers. It has mostly been providing taxis for the employees of multinational companies, but in last few years it has also captured the mainstream market efficiently.
  • There are three categories of cabs to choose from. A passenger can select any category as per their journey requirement or budget.
  • Meru Cabs never uses surge pricing for their cab services, thus resulting in fixed and calculated fares every time you book a cab from Meru. Whereas Ola and Uber sometimes have stiff surging in their cab fares.
  • As per market experts, Ola and Uber will soon increase their base fares as well as distance fares. Hence Meru fares will now also be very competitive in their comparison.
  • Meru has announced introduction of new 2 – 3 thousand cabs in their fleet every month to capture the market and provide elite app cab experience to its riders.

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