Married sons of deceased officials to also get jobs

Married sons of deceased officials to also get jobs

The govt. has passed a new resolution which enables job benefit to the sons of the deceased govt. employees or those who have taken forced retirement due to medical reasons. Earlier this job benefit was not applicable for the sons of the govt. employees and only daughters were entitled to get their father’s govt. job. In early 2013, the govt. had passed a policy which promised jobs for the any one dependent family member of the govt. employee who has either died while rendering service or is medically unfit to perform the job. But, the govt. clearly excluded the option of a married son being eligible to get father’s job.

Married sons of deceased officials to also get jobs

New resolution benefiting married sons

However, in Feb. 2015, the govt. has made a remarkable alteration to the policy. There are some eligibility criteria to match before one will be handed the job. These types of appointments are known as compassionate appointments which are given only when the earning member of the family is either deceased or medically unfit permanently. Earlier, only daughters of the family were entitled for the compassionate employment and the married sons were barred from the facility. DoPT is the governing authority of this scheme and will look after the further proceedings. Hence from now on, the sons of the govt. employee either deceased or permanently unfit for service can get the employment either in the similar post or any other lower post.

Question on the missed opportunities

The earlier order to barring the married sons to inherit the job was passed in January 2013. Then in February 2015, the rectified version of the order was passed allowing granting of compassionate employment to the married sons also. But in between this period of almost two years there are several similar cases where the marred but dependable sons were not granted jobs. It is currently unclear what decision with DoPT will take regarding those cases.

Some important details of the scheme:

Sl. No. Scheme attributes Related data
1 Name of scheme Scheme for Compassionate Appointment
2 Governing authority Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT)
3 Date of old policy announcement January 2013
4 Date of policy modifications February 2015
5 Reasons of appointment Death of the employee, permanently medically unfit for service, leaving family in penury.
6 Nature of recruitment Direct compassionate recruitment
7 Ranks to be provided to the beneficiaries Group C and Group D
8 Age till which this facility to be provided in case of medically unfit Till 55 years. (Group D – 57 years)

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