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Manveer Gurjar Age Height Girlfriend Bigg Boss 10

Manveer Gurjar Age Height Girlfriend Secret (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Manveer Gurjar Age Height Girlfriend Secret (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Now that Big Boss 10 contestants have been revealed, we bet you have got some really interesting candidates to check out. The sleek and sexy ladies, some self proclaimed saints while some are absolutely common men. You would get a lot of things about the public figures in social media and online websites. But here is a common man who has made his way into the Big Boss house of season 10. This article is going to bring you the complete details about the common man with a heroic face. Yes, his name is Manveer Gurjar. Well, he has definitely got the good looks to woo a lot of women, but here is something else you would like to check about him.

Manveer Gurjar Age Height Girlfriend Bigg Boss 10

A few personal details about Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Gurjar is a 29 year old individual who is a gym enthusiast. It is evident from his stout body that he definitely loves to visit to the gym regularly. Apart from that this man is also a sports enthusiast. He loves playing kabaddi and wrestling. Well, how skilled he is in those games, we are not sure about it, since he has not taken up the sports skills seriously. But does he really do for a living? He has a dairy farm in Delhi. This person hails from Noida in Delhi and he completed his graduation from the Delhi University. He is just the perfect “Delhi da munda” who does not always play by the rules. The one thing that everyone is talking about after his entry as a Big Boss contestant is his personality. Well, whether it turns out to be his strength or weakness will be revealed in the episodes.

How is he different from others?

Well, being a common person, Manveer is quite different from any other contestants of Big Boss. Frankly speaking, he accepts that he has been in the farms and dairies most of the times since this was their family business. This is why it might become a bit difficult for him to get accustomed with the surroundings. And thus, it might bring an interesting turn in this season. Manveer is actively associated with the Aam Aadmi Party and also looks out for the development of the Gurjar society in Noida.

A charming personality, but short tempered

Manveer lives in a simple joint family that has 49 members. Apart from his family business, he also has the responsibility of collecting the rent from the loaned properties. Now that we know he is a common man, the dialogue “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man suits apt for him. He has given a clear message to the other contestants “think before you mess with me”. The reason is he is a short tempered. Now this is going to be interesting. His real name is Manoj Kumar Baisoya. He remains active on the social media sites and amazed the interviewers with his confidence and stunning looks. This handsome dude is not dating some at present and he is waiting for the right girl to get married. Whether his good looks and charms wins over the ladies, will be known as we keep watching the episodes.

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