Malgudi Days (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Malgudi Days (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Malgudi Days is an Indian television serial that was based not the book written by author R.K.Narayan. This television series was telecast in the year 1986 on Doordarshan and in no time the show gained marking popularity and become one of the most loved shows in the country. The show was released in two seasons the second season was telecast in the year 2004 on Doordarshan.

Malgudi Days (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

The popularity of the show was mostly credited to the simple and the real-life portrayal of the characters and incidents. It is regarded as a timeless classic serial that touched and remain in the hearts of many viewers.

The show was also regarded as one of the best shows of Doordarshan. Seeing its popularity and the huge popularity the show was re-telecast again on Doordarshan, Sony Entertainment Television and in a Telegu channel called MAA Television. Even during the re-telecast the show had many viewers. There are people who are still great fans of Malgudi Days.

The show was shot in an area near Agumbe in the Shimoga District of Karnataka.


1. Important Details Of   Malgudi Days Show
2. Name Of The Show Malgudi Days
3. Country India
4. Language Hindi
5. Subject Social Type (Related to real life)
6. Banner (Production House) NA
7. Director Shankar Nag
8. Creator R.K. Narayan
9. Producer T.S. Narasimhan
10. Story Writer R.K. Narayan
11. Dialogue Written By R.K. Narayan
12. Official Site Address
13. Telecast Details Of Malgudi Dayz
14. Telecast Date 1987
15. Aired On DD National
Sony TV
TV Asia
16. Telecast Episodes 54
17. Episode Length 22 Minutes
18. Telecast Season No. 1
19. Cast Details Of Malgudi Dayz
20. Character Name Real Name
21. Swaminathan or Swami Master Manjunath
22. Swami’s father GirishKarnad
23. Swami’s mother VaishaliKasaravalli
24. Shopkeeper Somu
25. Jagan Anant Nag
26. Mani RaghuramSitaram
27. Rajam RohitSrinath
28. Swami’s grandmother SuhashiniAdarkar
29. American tourist Teddy White

Plot of Malgudi Days

The stories in the series were mostly one episode long and were based on stories from books like A Horse and Two Goats, Swami and Friends, The Vendor of Sweets and Malgudi Days. In this show an imaginary village called Malgudi is brought alive and all the episodes take place in this village.

The one of the main character of the serial is Swaminathan who is lovingly called Swami. He is a 10-year old boy who grows boy who bunk school by makes loads of excuses and roams around the village with his friends. His mother is a housewife and his father is a government office employee. After roaming around the village for the whole day he shares his stories with his grandmother. Swami’s two close friends, Mani and Rajam are companions with Swami on all his trips around the village.

Then there is another story in Malgudi Days that showcases the life of a sweet vendor called Jagan. The story revolves around his business and how he deals with his son who has just returned from abroad.

Each of the story in the serial depicts the daily life and struggles of different people in the village and show how they deal with their life and its problems. The stories in the show were simple and taught basic but important values of life.

Some of the most popular episodes of Malgudi days are-

The first episode of the show itself, A Hero, was a great hit. The episode introduced the most loved character of the show, Swami who listens to his father read a newspaper that an 8-year old boy did something brave. Listening to this Swami too feels that he should do something similar and then the story continues.

Another episode of Malgudi Days called ‘The Hoard’ shows a village miser named Gopinath who loves money more than his family. The episode show how the he finally realizes that money is not that important and it is his family that he should love more.

With each of the episode the show tries and tells a moral or teaches a value about life which feels very nice. The episodes were not related and had different stories. The serial was telecast in Hindi.

Cast of the show

The cast of the show were loved by the viewers and they could simple related to each of the character. The characters portrayed by the actors of the serial were so realistic and even after so many years after the end of the serial, the viewer’s remember the actors by the Malgudi Day’s characters names. Some of the important characters in the show were-

The viewer of the show could easily relate to the characters in Malgudi Days. The characters of the serial was one of the main reasons behind the great popularity of the show.

Swami- the most loved character of Malgudi Days

Swami was surely one of the most adorable and loved character of Malgudi Days. He was the lead actor of the show and the character was played by Master Manjunath who gained the maximum recognition for this role of his.

Shows popularity

Most of the people in India who grew up during the 1980’s has a great connection with this particular show. There are still so many people who feel that this show was one of the best show that was telecast on the Indian television and remain the favorite of many. The show gave many small and valuable messages that comes true in many life situation. The utter simplicity of the show truly makes it one of the best shows ever made in telecast in India.

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