Major Awards given by the government of India

Major Awards given by the government of India

Major awards given by the government of India

Indians have a reputation of excellence in every sphere work and profession. Starting from the sports to film creation to the bravery, we Indian have never failed to make our country proud. And as a respect of the excellent work performed by our fellow citizens, the Indian government has always appreciated us through the different level of awards. India provides utmost value and dignity for the individuals who have excelled in their individual fields. In this article we are going to offer you the complete list of awards offered by the Indian Government. Each and every award offered by the Indian government is irrespective or religion, caste and creed. These awards mentioned below are solely dedicated for the excellent performance and bravery.

Major awards given by the government of India

Bharat Ratna:

This is one of the most prestigious awards offered by the Indian government. This is the highest civilian award which is offered for exceptional services for the advancement of art, culture and creativity. The Bharat Ratna translates the jewels of India. This is not only awarded for the excellent civilian services, but this award is also awarded for the highest degrees of national service. The services that are included in this award comprise of artistry, literary, scientific achievements, and also the recognition for public services of the highest order. The Prime Minister recommends the Bharat Ratna award. The numbers of awards are restricted to a maximum of three in a single year. The awardee receives a Sanad (a certificate) that is signed by the President of India. This award was initialized by the former president of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. At that time, only alive people who performed excellent services for the Indian government were offered this award. But few years later the criteria was changed. The award does not comprise of any monetary grant.

Padma Vibhushan

This is the second highest civilian honor award offered by the Indian Government. This is offered for the exceptional services in any field and that includes the services rendered offered by the Government services. The award is offered to doctors, scientists, engineers but those who are in the Public Sector projects are not eligible for the Padma Vibhushan. The recommendation of Padma Vibhushan is recommended by the individuals of the states and Union territories ministry of India.

Param Vir Chakra

This is the highest award for the military excellence. This Param Vir Chakra award is offered to those military personnel and brave hearts for the most conspicuous bravery or daring acts of self sacrifice, in the presence of enemy, be it in the land, sea or air. The Param Vir Chakra is one of the rarest awards. It has been only awarded to 21 individuals till date. This award carries a cash allowance of a paltry sum of Rs 10,000 every month. The medal of Param Vir Chakra is made of Bronze with 1-3/8th inch radius and suspended from a bar.

Padma Bhushan

The Padma Bhushan is the third highest civilian award offered in the Republic of India. And this comes just after the Bharat Ratna and the Padma Vibhushan. This award is announced on the occasion of Republic Day. The award if conferred by the president of India at the function that s organized at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This award was first established in the year 1954 by Indian president. The award is given to recognize and appreciate the distinguished service for the nation. Till date 1230 people have received this award.

Padma Sri

This is the fourth highest civilian award after the Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan. This is awarded by the Indian Government on every year on the Republic Day of India. The Padma Awards were initialized in the year 1954 for the Indian Citizens for their distinguished and excellent works within the sectors of education, arts, science, social media, medicine, social service, literature and Public Affairs. The words written in Padma Sri appear on Devnagari Language and the geometrical pattern is burnished by Bronze.

Arjuna Award

This award is offered by the central government for the excellent achievement in national Sports. Over the years the scope of this award has been expanded. And the number of disciplines, in which the award is offered, is also expanded for including the indigenous games and also for the physically handicapped category. For being eligible of this award, the sportsman not only must have a good and consistent performance for three years but also should show qualities for leadership. The award is offered for the following categories:

Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth games, World Cup, World Championship disciplines, Cricket, Indigenous games and sports for physically handicapped.

The Dada Saheb Phalke Award

The Dada Saheb Phalke Award is recognition for being India’s most recognized individual in film category. This is the highest award given in Indian cinema by the government of India. This award is presented annually in the National Film Awards. The ministry of information and broadcasting gives the award through Directorate of Film Festivals. The individual is awarded for the excellent performance, be in direction, acting, or scripting. The award was first presented by the Indian government in the year 1969. The award is a mark of respect to commemorate Dada Saheb Phalke who was a film maker and was also known as the father of Indian Cinema.  He was the first person to create the full length feature film known as Raja Harishchandra.

Ashok Chakra

The Ashoke Chakra is actually a portrayal of Dharma Chakra that is represented by 24 strokes. The name is so called because it comes on the number of edicts of Ashoka. This is one of the most respectable awards which are given in the Indian Army. It is awarded for valor, courageous action or a self sacrifice that is made within the Battlefield. The Ashoke Chakra is equivalent to the Param Vir Chakra. The decoration is awarded to either the military personnel or the civilians. This award replaced the British Award known as the British Cross. This medal was established in the year 1952 and it was then known as the Ashoke Chakra class 1. This was the first step of the three class sequence for the non combatant bravery decorations.

List of Major Awards given by Indian Government.

SL NOAwardsFew Details
Bharat RatnaRecommended by the Prime Minister or President
Padma VibhushanEstablished in 1954
Param Vir ChakraOut of the 21 awards, 20 have been awarded for the military brave hearts and 1 for the navy seals.
Padma BhushanMost refused in the history of India.
Padma ShriThe meaning of Padma is “Lotus” and Shri is referred as “Mr/Mrs”.
Arjuna AwardAwarded in Olympic games, common wealth games, indigenous games and sports for physically challenged.
DadaSaheb Phalke awardThe medal is a Swarna Kamal (a golden lotus)
Ashoka Chakra awardFLT Lt. Subhas Biswas was the first person to be awarded with it.

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