Luxurious Tejas Express Train (Speed, fares, Facilities, Food cuisine )

Luxurious Tejas Express Train (Speed, fares, Facilities, Food cuisine )

India’s luxurious train Tejas Premiered its first debut run between Mumbai to Goa. The debut trip was inaugurated by the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu. The journey trip was flagged off from Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and reached its final destination in North Goa’s Karmali Junction via Dadar Jn. Thane Jn. Panvel Stn. Ratnagiri and finally at Kudal station.

Luxurious Tejas Express Train

Tejas maximum Speed

The engineers have designed the Train to touch the top speed of around 200 Km Per hour. Due to some constraints conditions of the present tracks the train still managed to touch the top speed of around 160 Km per hour during its first journey.

Tejas Features

  • Tejas is the first of its kind trains developed by India railways in the semi high speed category. The train gains more popularity on account of luxurious amenities offered during the journey.
  • Tejas offers with facilities that are so far not offered by any other India Railway trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express.
  • On an average developers claim that 22 exciting features make this train more special as compared to others that have been implemented for the very first time by India Railways.

Five interesting facts that you may find only on Tejas

  1. Food cuisine by Star Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  • It is certain that the India Railways has approached star chef Sanjeev kapoor for preparing the cuisine Menu that will be served inside the Train. According to official sources passengers will get to enjoy food items that have been hand picked by Chef Sanjeev kapoor himself.
  • It is certain that some of the well know food items will be served to the passengers during their journey from Mumbai to Goa.
  • Apart from this engineers have also ensured that they have provided with tea and coffee vending machines on board for passengers. Other food items provided also include cereals breakfast, light bread breakfast, chiplets, masala omlette, French fries and much more. You can also check with the menu list provided by IRCTC on their official website.
  1. State of the art security mechanism
  • Sources have added about optimizing and enhancing the security system for Tejas to make it more sophisticated. The train carries around 15 coach rakes with it on its journey that have been manufactured in Chennai by Indian coach factory. Each of the coach is provided with best level security features.
  • The coaches are each provided with sophisticated fire detection system including wash rooms so passengers may not be able to smoke during their journey.
  • Engineers have also installed CCTVs in each coach such that they can always track every inch of the coach during the journey.
  • For navigational safety the train is also equipped with in build GPS system for navigation that offers with best level of security for passengers.
  1. Entertainment system for passengers
  • For the first time India Railways have provided with on demand entertainment for passengers. It is certain that passengers can enjoy live TV on demand movies and videos on their personal seats on LCDs.
  • Passengers can also get latest updates regarding the journey schedule on the LCDs attached to every seat.
  • Engineers are also planning to launch infotainment system for each passenger on their seats.
  • Newspaper and magazine racks have also been provided on each seat that passengers can enjoy without paying additional money.
  1. Ultra modern and comfortable seating and design
  • Tejas train has one executive category coach that has seating arrangement for 56 passengers. Apart from this the train also has 12 AC chair car coaches each having seating arrangement for 78 passengers.
  • The coaches are also designed with executive class interiors and ultra modern design with completely automated entry and exit points.
  • The coaches are also provided with water mechanism that is touch-less type and equipped with indicator for water level.
  • The lavatories are provided with bio-vacuum type commodes and hand dryers.
  • Each of the seats is also equipped with reading lights for passengers who are interested in reading during night time without disturbing others. Seats are covered with elegant leather cushion covering for comfort.
  • Each coach is also provided with on board WiFi facility so that passengers can enjoy being connected to internet uninterrupted during the journey.
  1. High Fare Charges
  • As the train offers with luxurious features so it is certain that you may have to pay more money for travelling as compared to any other train.
  • When travelling via executive class from Mumbai to Goa passengers may have to pay around Rs 2590 each that is also twenty percent expensive as compared to flight or Shatabdi fare.
  • When travelling by Tejas you can at least get to enjoy state of art cuisine food which passengers don’t get to enjoy when travelling either by Rajdhani or Shatabdi.
  • One benefit for passengers is that you can always order for your favorite food when travelling on board. When traveling by Rajdhani or Shatabdi on EC class you may have to pay around Rs 2940. If you are travelling in AC chair car then you may have to pay around Rs 1310 including food or Rs 1185 excluding food.

Train Schedule

  • The train is scheduled for the journey five days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday up to Sunday for non monsoon season.
  • It will depart from Mumbai by 5 am and will arrive at Goa station by 1:30 PM.
  • It will depart from Goa by 2:30 PM and arrive at Mumbai by 11 PM.
  • During monsoon season it will run on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only.

Train Fares

  • Fares for AC chair car from Mumbai to Karmali is around Rs 1190 while EC class fare is around Rs 2590.
  • Fares for AC chair car from Mumbai to Ratnagiri is Rs 835 and that of EC class is Rs 1785.
  • Train fares from Mumbai to Kudal for AC chair car is Rs 1080 and for EC class is Rs 2340.

Final verdict is that Tejas services will also be linked from Delhi to Chandigarh and also between Lucknow and Delhi or Mumbai and Surat station in the near future.

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