Tuesday , September 18 2018

LPG Cylinder Payments Now Come With Rs. 5 Discounts When Paid Online

LPG Cylinder Payments Now Come With Rs. 5 Discounts When Paid Online

Cooking gas or LPG cylinder transactions have joined petrol and diesel transactions as ones that people can get Rs. 5 discounts for when they buy and pay for their resources online. This Rs. 5 discount is being offered by three state-run fuel dealers, Indian Oil Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp and Hindustan Petroleum Corp. All of these currently sell individual cylinders and will offer this discount to improve upon how well people can pay for and afford to get these cylinders in general.

LPG Cylinder Payments Now Come With Rs. 5 Discounts When Paid Online

All three of these organizations are offering a discount of Rs. 5 on each LPG refill that is paid for online. This is the latest on an ongoing trend of cashless discounts being encouraged online. This is similar to the Rs. 0.75 per cent discount being offered by petrol pumps for the cashless fueling of petrol and diesel.

The move is being offered based on the government’s request. More fuel dealers are expected to work with this particular discount as it becomes more prominent and noticeable.

How Payments Can Be Made

Payments for LPG can be made online through their bank accounts or through credit or debit cards among other cashless options. The Rs. 5 discount for the transaction will be for each cylinder purchased. The discount will also be taken off of the retail price that is being offered at the moment.

This will be available for subsidized and non-subsidised customers alike. The subsidised total for an LPG cylinder in Delhi is a little more than Rs. 430 while a non-subsidised value is around Rs. 585. There is a quota of twelve bottles for customers to take advantage of.

Encouraging Growth In the Industry

The ongoing work to encourage cashless payments online is to help with encouraging the growth of the cashless industry. This especially comes amid concerns surrounding how many physical monetary notes are being taken off of the market. The decision to remove Rs. 500 and 1000 notes off of the market has especially been a critical factor prompting the decision of more entities to head towards a cashless transaction environment.

This move especially comes amid concerns over how the price of many resources in India has gone up over time. In particular, the cost of subsidised cooking gas has gone up by Rs. 2 in recent time. The new discount on LPG cylinders will make it slightly easier for people to afford the cost of getting such a resource to work for their needs.

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