Lopamudra Raut Age Height Boyfriend Bikini (Bigg Boss 10)

Lopamudra Raut Age Height Boyfriend Bikini (Bigg Boss 10)

Born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Lopamudra Raut is an Indian model and beauty queen. She became popular when she represented her country at the Miss United Continents 2016 and was crowned the 2nd Runner Up. She received a cash prize of $15,000 and came back to the country for a grand welcome and a lot of appreciation and love. Since her arrival back in the country, she has been busy giving interviews at various places and also enjoying felicitations at her school, college and other places. Like her predecessor, Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, Lopamudra too won the Best National Costume title at the Miss United Continents 2016, which was designed by Melvyn Noronha.

Lopamudra Raut Age Height Boyfriend (Bigg Boss 10)

It was a moment of great joy and happiness for Lopamudra to have won at the Miss United Continents 2016, and she thanked her family, friends and fans for the immense support that they provided her with; while at the same time she accepted that the win was still sinking in. Being immensely spiritual, she came back to her hometown to a grand welcome by the family at the airport, but instead of going home, she decided to visit the Tekdi temple with her family and thank God for her success.

Modeling and pageantry was always a part of Lopomdura’s dream. She had participated in the regional pageant of Femina in Goa in the year 2013, and was crowned the 1st Runner Up over there. That paved the path for her to gain access into the coveted Femina Miss India 2013 pageant where she won “Enhance Femina Miss Body Beautiful”, “Mochi Femina Miss Awesome Legs” and “Yamaha Ray Femina Miss Adventurous”. In Femina Miss India 2014, when Lopamudra was just 23 years old, she won the “Miss Perfect Body” title. In 2014, Lopamudra also took part in another popular beauty pageant called “Miss Diva – 2014” and ended up as one of the top 7 finalists.

Lopamudra stands 5 ft. 8 ½ inches tall and is much appreciated and loved for her exotic looks. She is quite a photogenic and impressive face, and has a great figure. Indeed, many feel that she has the perfect makings of a Bollywood actress.

Her schooling has been in her hometown, Nashik, and she has a graduation degree in Electrical Engineering from G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, located in Pune, Maharashtra. Lapomudra has been passionate about Kathak since a long time; her other interests include playing the guitar, socializing and singing. Not many know, but Lopamudra’s passion for modeling and making a career in the field of glamour had started during college days itself. She had, in fact, even been crowned as Miss Nagpur in her 3rd year of engineering.

In an interview with Indiatimes, Lopamudra admitted that Miss India had changed her entire life for her, and she is quite grateful to the pageant for that. She currently has more than eleven thousand followers on her Instagram page and a little over seventeen thousand followers on her Facebook page. On an online portal, it has been said that Lopamudra is a die-hard fan of Clooney.

Lopamudra’s father is a retired Finance Officer from the electricity board and is extremely proud of his daughter. Upon his daughter’s success, he said that his Lopa (as she is fondly known) had done better than most of the 20-something sons for him, and that her daughter’s victory was the perfect response to those who told him that it’s sad he doesn’t have a son. In fact, Raut’s father claims that it was Lopa who managed all the finances on his behalf at her elder sister’s wedding.

Lopa’s teachers, both from her school and college are immensely proud of her and wish her success in all her future endeavors.

Lopamudra Raut Details

Name Lopamudra Raut
Age 25 Years
DOB 7th Oct 1991
Birth Place Nagpur
Religion Hindu
Height 5’8″
Boyfriend / Husband Not Known
TV Adds Seen in cricbuzz TV add

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