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Lok Samvad Bihar – Launched for Direct Feedback of Sushasan

Lok Samvad Bihar – Launched for Direct Feedback of Sushasan

As government different scheme for the welfare of the people time to time but Bihar Chief minister Nitish Kumar feel that government have no track about these scheme, whether people get benefitted by them or not. According to him after launching of scheme government have no idea about the success rate of these people. Also many of the desired people are not aware about the scheme. So there is no use to launch the scheme until people will not get properly about these schemes and have no right to discuss about them.

Lok Samvad Bihar – Launched for Direct Feedback of Sushasan

To track of these schemes and make the direct communication between public and government, Nitish Kumar, who is the current CM of Bihar, plans to start Lok Samvad Bihar. Under this program the state government of Bihar will take the feedbacks over the government plans and the campaign from the people who are residing in the Bihar state.

As there is lot of talent in general public and public can more effectively give the suggestion how the government can make them more successful. They are actual person who will get benefited from these schemes so it is better to take advice from them how to make different government scheme more successful.

In the last one program government take delivery of complaints of people for taking action. But in the present one government take suggestion about the scheme, what the government can do to make these more successful and what are drawbacks of these schemes.

Under this newly launched scheme, the Bihar state government can be able to get feedback of their scheme from the beneficiaries who are the state people of Bihar. For this program government decided first three Mondays of every month. LOK samvad Bihar launched direct feedback from sushasan. During this program presence of the state Chief Minister and other official are compulsory.

Benefit of the Lok Samvad scheme launched by Bihar government

  • People will have direct communication with the government under the Lok Samvad Bihar government. So can discuss their views in the meeting.
  • As people give their views for the current scheme so chances that success rates will increase after this Lok samvad.

After launch of this meeting plan people start giving their views. Like one of the views is as –honk board should be beyond 100 meter from the hospital so that patients will not get disturb because of these sound. All the government offices should be neat and clean toilet so that pubic can use them with easy and health problem will not cause after this. In the same way government receive many suggestions after starting of this meeting

No doubt this is very good plan in favor of people and people can put their problem and suggestion in this meeting. Now after the start of this meeting it is also responsibility of general public to take part in this meeting so that they will get more benefited by the government.


The Bihar state government is trying something which is never done by any other state as getting meeting with the public and government official directly in front of state’s CM. Also, the participants of the citizens are highlighted and it leads to states growth according to the peoples willing.

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