List of Pokemon Go in India and Updates

List of Pokemon Go in India and Updates

These days with the increase in popularity of internet, online games are also very popular in the middle of people. People are crazy about these games. There are millions of games available on internet. Many of them are free and many are paid. Pokemon is also one of most popular Android game, which is supported by Android devices only. Pokemon Go is the most expected game for Android. It has get lot of fame in the last few months, and all of use is waiting to download and install it to begin playing it. There are lots of new games accessible for Android devices in current days, but Pokémon Go is gaining immense status.

S.NoFacts about Pokemon GameDetailed Information
1Pokémon GoLocation-based augmented reality game
2Who Developed this Game?Niantic, Inc.
3Game Release Date6th of July, 2016
4Platform which supports Pokemon Go Android, iOS
5The concept of the game was Started on year2014

List of Pokemon Go in India and Updates

As there are many game on the internet at present but still people are waiting for the launch of Pokemon Go India, because there are lot of features in this game compare to other games. Its graphic is very interesting and one who play this game once become addict of this game.

Pokemon fans in India, China and from South Korea are waiting eagerly for the official announcement from the game developers ‘Niantic’ about the launching date of the game in their respective region. In order to satisfy their expectation, developers of Pokemon Go ‘Niantic’ are working hard to sort of the practical difficulties which the game may be face in those regions; once it’s done, the game will be set to go.

But this game is available on different website and web store in APK file format and Indian people take this game from third party web stores or online sites and have installed it at the risk of threatening their phone’s security in the APK file format

 Pokemon GO Other Detail

  • File Size of game is 58.06 MB
  • Latest version of game is :0.29.1 arm
  • Package Name is com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
  • Can only run on the Android devices, also Android device must be 4.4 and higher
  • Legally works in the United state of America but above APK File will work in nations like INDIA, Canada, UK, France, China, etc.,

Even then game is not officially not launch in India, it is not secure to use game on devices even then, and the game was quick to become trendy with the Indian smartphone gamer. Smart phone player are ready to download it on their risk. On the global scale, the game came at par with all time favorite apps such as Snapchat and Telegram on Play Store.

It is expected that millionsof downloads will be done within two weeks of launch. Because of this huge demand and popularity of game developer are not able to acknowledge the tremendous demand in a market like India. That is the reason that game launch program get delay and delay. And game lover get disappointed every time. On the other hand, they have announced the release of a new “Pokemon Go Plus” for the Android Wear.

Pokemon Go APK Download for Android

As game legal version is not available in market so people use the APK file. This Pokémon Go APK has got lots of latest graphics, and it is the completely different game when evaluate to other games. At the start when you begin the game you require to choose your Pokémon in the middle of the accessible Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, and you require to train it to become the Pokémon Master. The most attractive feature is the player will be pointed with the details of location with the aid of Google Maps, and they are supposed to be move forwards along with the guidance. The fans of Pokemon all over the world are going crazy to experience the Gen 2 series, though, they can’t aware of what kind of Pokémon will they be receiving.

Version History of the Pokemon Go

  1. July 20th: V 0.29.1
  2. July 30th: Version 0.31.0

On the map, you would observe the real time Poke Stops and Gyms, but you could not contact them until you reach your purpose. Every Gym wants to be assigned with one Pokémon from your team and based on the fame of the Gym it becomes strong and keep away from it from being attacked by another team of Pokémon.

This Pokemon go new version will allow smart watch users to have fun with Pokemon Go without give up on their valuableSmartphone battery. Means you need to charge your phone again and again if you want to take pleasure of the game, If will only consume a very small amount of battery.

The message between the main application on the smartphone and the smartwatch will occur over Bluetooth which will be encrypted. The user would not have to leave the app open on the smart phone application.

Niantic, the online game designer, will also push out a new buddy system that will allow users to train their Pokemon during walking. The trainer will have to decide one Pokemon that they would desire to walk with. Swapping the buddy Pokémon on a later stage of the game will lose all the development made by the earlier one.

Niantic broke lots of gaming records after the launch but it seems the status of the game is slowly fading. On the other hand, a global launch might be capable to retain its position in the gaming market.

Pokemon go new update

  • The upcoming inclusion in the Pokemon Go will be the Buddy Pokemon. And it expected that gamers will be able to pick their own collection in order to become a buddy.
  • This version will be launch soon as announced buy developer
  • New version is only for android phone users

So it is suggested that people should wait for the launch of game and should not try to use the APk file version because that is not safe for the device. It is expected that new version will be launch soon and have lot of new things for their users.

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