List of major scams in India

List of major scams in India

In India smaller scams are revealed almost every day but then those do not affect the country as a whole. But then there have been some major scams in the country which look people by shock.

Detailed report for major scams in India

2G spectrum scam

  • This was revealed in 2008, and it turned out to be one of the biggest scam ever happened in India. The main face of this scam was the telecom minister A.Raja.
  • This was a telecommunication and political scandal and involved many officials under the Indian National Congress party. The cases are still going on some of the main people who were involved in this scam. This includes people like MK Kanimozhi , Siddhartha Behura, RK Chandolia, etc.
  • The scam got huge media attention and every newspaper and news channel reported about it. Somehow this scam remains one of the most popular scam in the history of India.

List of major scams in India

Indian Black money scam

  • The black money scam is also known as the black dollar scam and this lead to the famous anti-corruption movement in the country by Anna Hazare. This scam cost around Rs.7280000 crores and the main face of the scam was Hassan Ali Khan.
  • All about the huge amount of black money that is being to the Swiss account of the businessmen and politicians of India. The government was accused for this because they were not taking any actions again this stacking of black money in the Swiss Banks.
  • The focus came to this problem when a business man was arrested for money laundering of Rs.39120 crores. This also generated a lot of public attention especially because of the protest that arose after this scam was revealed.

Common wealth games scam

  • The Common Wealth Game’s organizing committee was accused of child labor, racism, environmental impact, sex slavery, and many others which include political leaders too.
  • The worst part about this was that a huge amount of money relating to the games was mishandles by the officials. It was reported that even less than half of the total fund was spent behind the sports person of the country. The rest of the money that was spent has not accounts.
  • This scam also gained a lot of attention and more over it gain international media attention. Case is still being run on the head of the organizing committee of the games.

Fodder scam

  • Fodders scam took place in the year 1996 and was famously called the CharaGhotala. It took place in the state of Bihar. The scam involved the then Chef Minster of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav.
  • The scam was about fabricating vast herds of fictitious livestock for which machines, fodder, etc. was acquired. After the reports about the scam, lalu Prasad yadav party has been sacked from parliament
  • This scam resulted in Lalu Prasad Yadav resigning from his post because of the media and political pressure that was building up. Due to this reason the scam is still talked about but people.

Coal Allocation scam

  • Even though people talk about the 2G scam more, the Coal Allocation scam is the biggest scam that has taken place in India till now, keeping in mind the amount that was involved in this, during 2012.
  • The cam took place under the UPA government and involved Indian government’s allocation of national’s coal deposit to the PSUs and private companies. The problem was that there was wrong allocation of coal deposits by the government.

Satyam Scam

  • This scam took place at the Satyam Computer Services and truly shook the country’s investors and the shareholders. This as noted as the biggest scam in the corporate history.
  • It was reported that the chairman of the company, Ramalinga Raju was mishandling the funds of the company for several years and inflating revenues and profits of the company. After the issue came to lime light the chairman resigned and the company was then taken over the Mahindra Group.
  • The scam has been noted as the biggest corporate scam as of now and gained a lot of media attention. Lot of people criticized the company and its officials as case still in trail.

Bofors scam

  • Bofors scam took place in the 90s and lead to the downfall of the then ruling Congress government. It was a major scandal and put to shame people like Rajiv Gandhi. It also a rich NRI family called the Hindujas.
  • Under this scam a sum of Rs.200 crore was mishandled. The prime accused of this scam was Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi. This scam become quite famous as it led to the defeat of Rajiv Gandhi in the next elections. The power then went to the BJP government.

Saradha scam

  • Saradha scam is a major financial scam became the top news of many of the media channels. The scam involved the Ponzi scheme that was run by the Saradha Group of companies. It was more commonly called the chit fund scam and involved a lot of private companies that were known to be running this scheme.

Hawala Scandal

  • It took place in the year 1990 and involved a bribery case of $18 million. It involved a lot then leading politicians of the county who were alleged for receiving bribe by the hawala brokers.
  • One of the main accused in this scam was Lal Krishna Advani. Apart from a lot of other politicians names also came up in this scam. This resulted in the public shame of many of the politicians and showcased the open loot that was taking place in Indian politics. This scam was in news for a long time.

Scorpene Submarine Scam

  • It’s one of the biggest corruption scandals faced by the nation, which also includes the Indian Navy. It was held during October month of 2005 at France.
  • Around Rs. 1,100 Crores were given as bribe to Indian government in order to make decision in favor of the Scorpene-Class Submarines by the makers Thales.
  • The decision of taken by the past defense minister Pranab Mukherjee who is current president of India, signed a deal with the Scorpene submarines for Rs.19,000 crores with the Thales.
  • The central bureau of Investigation agency (CBI) not able to find any evidence of this particular corruption, and now the Scorpene submarines are built in India according to the transfer agreement made with the makers.

Stamp Paper Scam

  • Stamp Paper scam a well planned and most innovative method of all scams, it cost more than Rs.20, 000 crores to Indian government, by printing and selling fake Stamp Papers across the nation.
  • Addul Karim Telgi, an ordinary fruits and vegetable seller started his counterfeiting career by creating fake passport and later involved in making fake Stamp Papers.
  • On 17th January of 2006, Telgi and all his associates sentenced by Indian judiciary for about 30 years in jail, along with the fine of 10 billion.

Odisha illegal Mining Scam

  • The scam was taken place during the Naveen Patnaik rule in Orissa, by which state’s minerals were sold illegally for several lakhs of crores.
  • The scam was carried with large scale as many mine owners in of the state used fake transit passes to transport minerals of Orissa to various states across the nation.
  • With trustable sources, it is proven that there has been several high profile members from political and also from bureaucracy are linked with this scam.

Abhishek Verma arms deals scandal

  • Abhishek Verma literally known as ‘Lord of War’ was caught after hacking into the emails and documents stored in US based web server.
  • The leaked documents from the US based web mail server has been sent to several high profile Indian politicians like Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and they released those to media which caused stir in Indian politics
  • CBI and Enforcement Directorate filed several charge sheets over Abhishek and Anca (Wife of Abhishek) related to various corruptions including money laundering of Rs.80, 000 crores and above.
  • Currently, both Abhishek and his wife Anca locked up in Tihar Jail Delhi and waiting for the Judiciary trail for their illegal activities.

Uttar Pradesh food grain scam

  • During the year of 2002 to 2010 food grains which are about to provide for poor people of the Uttar Pradesh state under various government beneficiary schemes under public Distribution System are sold to open market illegally.
  • The scam was first showcased during 2003 by the ruling party CM Mulayam Singh in some district, within short time complaints flooded from all over the districts of state owing to that mulyam singh withdrew the inquiry and later set Special Investigation Team.
  • Many media across the nation portrayed this scam as “mother of all scams” which started from 2002. It is estimated that around Rs. 2,000 billion amounts has been looted under this scam.

2015 Cash For Vote Scam

  • 2015 Cash for Vote Scam was came to light after several South Indian political parties caught red handed by giving cash for the assembly elections. It was not the first instead to be held, in 2008 North Indian politicians too caught for providing cash for vote.
  • Telugu Desam MLA Revanth Reddy caught red handed while offering Rs. 50 Lakh cash bundles to the nominated MLA’s of the party members.
  • Telugu Desam party responded this act as political vendetta, in order to over shadow the Telangana State Government. After judicial inquiry the high court of Hyderabad offered bail to Reddy and other accused in this scam as due the lack of evidence.

 Some of the high lights of the scams are listed in this table

S.NoScam NameYear which HeldStatusInvolved Person
12G spectrum scam2008Judicial trial in progressA. Raja, M. K. Kanimozhi and many others
2Indian Black money scamCame to Light in May 2012In TrailSeveral politician and Business man
3Fodder Scam2013Sentenced to Jail imprisonLalu Prasad Yadav and Jagannath Mishra
4Satyam Scam2009 Sentenced to 7 years in jailRamalinga Raju
52G Spectrum Scam2008Judicial Trail under Progress 

Nira Radia, A. Raja, M. K. Kanimozhi, many telecommunications companies

6Uttar Pradesh food grain scam2003Government to order a CBI probeMulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati and several government officials
7Coal Allocation Scam (Coalgate)2012Central Bureau of Investigation probingComptroller and Auditor General of India, the coal ministry, many electricity boards and private companies
8Common wealth games scam2010The Central Vigilance Commission, involved in probing the alleged corruption and likely to be closed due to absence of evidenceSuresh Kalamadi, Sheila Dixit- the then Chief Minister of the State.
9Bofors scam1980 – 1990 Case Withdrawn after prime culprit’s deathIndian National Congress (Congress party) politicians and implicating the Indian prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, Quattrochi and several other members of the Swedish and Indian governments
102015 Cash For Vote Scam2015Granted Bail due to lack of evidenceRevanth Reddy, Elvis Stephenson and others
11Abhishek Verma arms deals scandal2012Incarcerated in Tihar Jail Delhi awaiting trialAbhishek Verma, Anca Verma
12Stamp Paper Scam2002Jailed for 30 years.Abdul Karim Telgi
13Scorpene Submarine Scam2006Granted bail by Delhi High CourtAbhishek Verma, Ravi Shankaran assisted by other high level defense personnel
14Hawala Scandal1991Hawala scandal eventually all collapsed without convictions during court trailsThe Jain brothers, L. K. Advani, V. C. Shukla, P. Shiv Shankar, Sharad Yadav, Balram Jakhar, and Madan Lal Khurana.
15Odisha illegal Mining Scam2014Currently under investigation under Shah CommissionNaveen Patnaik and several high level politician

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