List of National Symbols of India

List of National Symbols of India

List of National Symbols of India

A country’s national symbols depict the culture and nature of the country. India, being a republic country, has some national symbols too that carry different meanings and different cultures that identify the nation’s glory. Indians from different corners of the globe are proud of these symbols as they carry the pride and glory of the nation.

National symbols of India

Significance of the National Symbols of India

  • There are different symbols and each symbol carries different meaning. The significance of national symbols is not only important to depict the nature and culture of the nation but also has deeper meaning in Indian mythology as well.
  • As people know that India is a country that comprises of different religion, caste and community, different symbols on the other get them all together and give them one single identity that is Indian.
  • The significance of the national symbols shows the glory, grace, courage and pride of every Indians that exist in India or anywhere in the world.

Here is the list of 14 National Symbols of India:

National Emblem

National Emblem was adopted from the lion capital of Asoka at Sarnath. There are 3 back to back standing lions that signify the victory, courage and power of the nation. It was adopted as national emblem in the year 1950 on January 26th when the nation was declared as a republic country. The lions are standing on Ashok Chakra with 24 spokes that signify the 24 hours of the day. On the left side of the wheel there is a galloping horse and on the right side there is a bull. The quote ‘satyameva jayate’ has written below that means ‘truth alone triumphs’, taken from Upanishad, a part of Atharv Veda.

National Anthem

Composed and written by Rabindra Nath Tagore, the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ signifies our nation as one single country for all the religion, community, caste and people. The song also shows the good future of the country.

National Song

Written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Vande Mataram is our National Song that signifies pure national spirit. The song was written and sung during the freedom fight and it carries the meaning that how our countrymen are dedicated towards the motherland India. The song was officially declared as National Song in the year 1950. It is written in Sanskrit and Bengali.

National Flag

The tri coloured national flag of India is the pride for every Indian across the world. The flag has three rectangles with three different colours. The top shows saffron colour that signifies the sacrifice and courage. In the middle you will find White that shows truth and peace. Green is the last colour that shows the faith. A blue coloured wheel placed in the middle of the flag. The wheel ‘Ashok Chakra’ shows the enthusiasm and peaceful change in the country.

National Animal

National Animal of India is Royal Bengal Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tigers are found in Sundarban, West Bengal. National Animal depicts the wildlife of the nation and also shows the strength, grace and agility of the nation.

National Fruit

Mango is our national fruit. Mangoes are not only delicious but also it is a seasonal fruit. The fruit shows the seasons of the nation and also they are the natives of India. Akbar, the Mughal King had planted 1 lakh mango trees back in his time. A lot of poets have written about the sweetness of the fruit.

National Flower

Lotus, being the national flower has different meaning too. The flower, Lotus has important significance in Indian mythology. It is placed in Goddess Laxmi’s hands and shows the prosperity, wealth and fertility. Lotus grows in dirty water but it is not affected by the dirt as it floats above the water. Due to this it also signifies the purity and good fate.

National Bird

Peacock is the national bird of India. It is declared as national bird in the year 1963 because of its beauty and grace. Peacocks spread their multi coloured feathers at the time of monsoon. The bird can be found in all the states across the country. That is another reason why it is been declared as national bird.

National Sport

Our national sport is Hockey. Hockey is the only game that has brought most medals in the biggest game of the world Olympics. Since the independence Hockey is the game that made the country and countrymen proud by their international performance in Olympics.

National River

Our national river is the Ganges. Ganges or Ganga is the longest river in India that runs across the nation. Ganges has deeper importance in Hindu community as Hindus consider the Ganga River as the most sacred river. The water is said to be the holiest water that is used in every Puja and rituals.

National Tree

Banyan Tree is declared as the national tree in India. The Banyan trees grow their roots and form new trees from them. It is considered as the immortal tree existed in the nature. Considering Banyan tree as the national tree of India signifies the longevity and immortality.

National Currency

In the year 2010, INR was adopted as Official Indian Currency. The national currency of India’s symbol is a Sanskrit letter ‘र’ (ra). The Indian rupee is printed and supplied by the central bank of the country Reserve Bank of India.

National Heritage Animal

Elephant is considered as the National Heritage Animal of India. Elephants are huge and found only in 4 regions in Asia including India.

National Aquatic Fish

Dolphins are considered as the national aquatic fish in India. Dolphins are found in the Indian Ocean and are signifying the king fish of the water. Dolphins are the fishes that can only survive in clean and fresh water. Due to this reason the fish represents the Ganges River as the river shows the purity and cleanliness too.

National symbols of India – At a glance

National Emblem3 Lions standing on the Ashok Chakra
National AnthemJana Gana Mana
National SongVande Mataram
National FlowerLotus
National FruitMango
National AnimalRoyal Bengal Tiger
National FlagTri Colour – Saffron, White and Green with Blue Ashok Chakra in the middle
National BirdPeacock
National GameHockey
National CurrencyRupee
National RiverThe Ganges
National TreeBanyan
National Heritage AnimalElephant
National FishDolphin

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