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Who are Legion hacker group

Who are Legion hacker groupand what they did recently in India

We can’t ignore that fact that the advanced technology is always having security leakage issues, especially when it comes to dealing online based things. The recent proof of that fact is the ‘Legion hacker group’ who are in the highlights recent times all over the India.

Who are Legion hacker group

Who are ‘Legion’ group?

Legion group is the collective of same minded hackers from different parts of the world, their primary platform is the social media ‘Twitter’ where they uses their own bypass program which overcomes the two factor authentication set by the twitter developers.

In recent times, the legion group have hacked several high-profile accounts from the twitter database and they are conveying that they keep on doing the same and will release the confidential matter from the same platform.

S.No Thing need to Know about Legion Hacker Group Detailed Information
1 Who are legion hackers Group of Anonymous person from all over the world
2 The Key ways handled by legion to hack The Onion Router (TOR)
3 Countries so far tracked by officials on hackers residents ·         The United States

·         Sweden

·         Canada

·         Thailand

·         Romania

4 How did they hack twitter accounts? With aid of bypass they manages to pass two factor authentication of Twitter
5 Tag line of Legion Hackers We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget

What they did?

In recent time, just about few weeks the legion group claim few high profile Indian based twitter accounts, among those the current opposition party congress’s vice president Rahul Gandhi’s account too one of them.

In addition to that, the Legion hackers also claimed few TV journalists twitter account, the TV journalists are from the leading news media who are often involves in political controversy Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar.  Apart from that, they also hacked the popularly known liquor baron Vijay Mallaya’s twitter accounts.

However, the existence of his Legion hackers is not from recent times. Earlier they manage to hack several confidential data owned by Indian banking sectors and owing to that the banking sectors have uprooted their server completely.

Things Need to Know about Legion Hackers

  • The Legion crew hackers uses browser TOR which is difficult to track, since the browse it specifically designed to communicate with directly using it and it is completely shielded on surveillance.
  • The legion hacker’s crews are the collective group of similar think minded people from various part of the world. So far, Delhi police and cyber crime patrol have identified 5 countries from which those legion crew member being active.
  • Up to now, the legion hacker crew leaked over 74k credentials of the email accounts owned by the chartered accountants. And they are about to release more in nearby future.

Threads Posted by Legion hackers

In recent times, this hackers group Legion creating havoc in the social media platform Twitter. In fact, they have announced that they are capable of handling all twitter accounts however, they are not interested in small profiles and they are targeting the big fish and to showcase their black faces to the public.

In literal, they are threatening the high profile members of India about revealing their black faces and to expose what they did in past. With the tag line of ‘We Don’t Forgive, We Don’t Forget’ they are clearly portraits their stand about facing anything against them.

Message from Legion Hackers

One of the members of Legion hackers have been in touch with the journalists via encrypted mode of chatting to Washington post recently conveyed that Legion group never focused on political information until recent times, however, after hacking into the servers owned by the Apollo hospitals the data which they retrieved was in shocking and if they tends to release means it will sure create ‘chaos’ all over the Indian nation. They also released few un-official mail copies conversation which are held between the report dutt and the hospital staff, those copies all already creating stir among the public

The unidentified member of legion group also informed that they are having about several raw data files which are sized in terabytes and with gigabytes sized information about the Indian public figures. On responding to the question asked by the reporters about how they manage to grab those information, the unidentified Legion member conveyed the shocking news as the Legion crew have cracked over 40,000 servers across the nation.

While asked about their stand about investigation started by Delhi police, believed Indian based Legion Crew replied as “All the best for the Delhi police”, however they can spend their time to improve their password instead of wasting time to capture them.

Legion hackers on IPL ex-Chief

The legion crew has recently threatening about releasing datas and hidden information about the ex-chief of IPL committee Mr. Lalit Modi. Also they stated that their crew members are set high level target of releasing bigger things in near future.

The member of legion who believed to be from the country India, have hinted to the interview given to TOI as they are about to expose the crimes done by the higher profile members of the nation soon.

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