Karamchand (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Karamchand (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

During 80s Doordarshan had given us many a shows that we still could not forget. On the one side where the family dramas, emotional and sensitive issues are being aired, on the other light hearted and comedy shows were there too. One such show is Karamchand. The detective cum comedy show had successfully managed to take our attention at that point of time. The show is all about a detective who had encountered many a problems during solving several cases.

Karamchand (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

The veteran comedy actor Pankaj Kapoor didn’t fail a bit to entertain people by his sense of humour and smart dialogues. The show with its cases, actors and fabulous creation made the audiences glued to the screen for half an hour. Karamchand was a hugely popular show, after long 22 years a private channel aired the second season of the same show with the same director and title actor. Though the second season didn’t last long but still it got many appreciations.


Karamchand is a detective story garnished with a pinch of smart comedy. The show started with a private detective namely Karamchand and his lady assistant Kitty. Karamchand was a veteran detective who was pro at solving tougher than toughest cases within few minutes.

During his investigation and solving cases he had to face many a problems and issues that also he handled with great smartness. Each episode had shown a different case. Kitty’s character added an extra brownie point to the comedy angle. Though she was assisting an experienced detective but she is a dumb in real. The girl kept asking silly questions during the investigation that put them into great trouble.

The famous dialogue of the show was ‘Shut up Kitty’ said by the detective all the time whenever Kitty asked something that could reveal the case or the criminal’s name. Kitty was a funny character in the show. However she was one important helper of Karamchand and solved a lot of cases hand in hand with him.

Every episode of the show brought a whole new story, a new case with a bunch of new characters. It was a light hearted show for audience of all ages. The second season followed the same concept and opened the first episode with a murder case. However one hour episodes of the second season could not do much and shut down soon.

Relevance Today

It is obvious that the show is still relevant in today’s life as well. Even after 22 years the show was aired in a private channel and people watched it too. However due to weak storylines and script the show could not be that much popular like 1st season. The leading character i.e. detective Karamchand is one such intelligent man who is able to notice that tiny points what we often over look while trying to solve some mystery. There the character stands out of crowd and make a unique identity.

People still watch such detective shows with new faces and new cases. So shows like Karamchand is always relevant in every era, in every generation. Now if we talk about comedy, it does not have any age to cherish. We often meet characters like Kitty in real life too. Idiots will always be idiots, be it 80s or 21st century. Kitty who kept asking stupid questions and end up making trouble for Karamchand was a funny character in the show but quite relatable. We all have people around us who simply push us to trouble by their ocean of stupidity.

The show kept us entertained and the dialogue ‘Shut up Kitty’ has become a tag line for many people. Even today when we are at the 21st century, if we find someone investigating on something, even in some tiny things, we call the person Karamchand Jasoos jokingly. So the show was, is and will always be loved by the audience.

Important Details of the show Karamchand
Name of the showKaramchand
SubjectDetective / Comedy
Banner (production House)
DirectorPankaj Parashar
CreatorPankaj Parashar
Story writerPankaj Parashar
Dialogues written by
Official site address
Telecast details
Telecast date1985
Aired onDoordarshan
Telecast episodes
Episode length25 minutes (approx)
Telecast season no2
Cast Details
Character NameReal Name
KaramchandPankaj Kapoor
KittySushmita Mukherjee / Archana Puransingh

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