Kachchi Dhoop (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Kachchi Dhoop (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Kachchi Dhoop was one of the heart touching shows that aired on Doordarshan in late 80s. The show was about a single mother and her three daughters who were at growing up stage. Their dreams, their talks, their life and their daily life are shown on the drama. Kachchi Dhoop was directed by Amol Palekar, one of the greatest actors in Hindi Film Industry. Ashutosh Gowariker, Bhagyashree, Prashant Bhatt are some of the renowned personalities from film fraternity were acted in this Hindi drama. The show was aired in Doordarshan channel in the year 1987. The amazing story line and mind blowing acting by the cast made the show a block buster one.

Casts Characters
Bhagyashree Oldest sister
Shalmalee Palekar Middle one
Purnima Pathwardhan Youngest Sister
Prashant Bhatt Shanky
Amol Palekar Sharkar Ram Krishnan
Ashutosh Gowarikar Shanky’s Teacher

Kachchi Dhoop (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

The Creator of the show

The show was directed by Amol Palekar who was one of the greatest actors in Hindi Film Industry. Kachchi Dhoop was written by his then wife Chitra Palekar. She also produced the show. Amol, by the time he directed the show, had become a big star in Bollywood by acting in some of the popular movies like Chitchor, Golmaal, Bhumika, Gharonda, Naram Garam and much more.

Chitra Palekar, on the other hand had contributed in Hindi cinema and television by her amazing writing at that time. The song and Hindi dialogues of the show were written by Kamlesh Pande and Debu Deodhar was the cinematographer of the show. Kachchi Dhoop was already in news as the director of the show was already a renowned name in film industry. The director chose Doordarshan to telecast the show as the channel has nationwide audience. Needless to say, the show made a huge popularity nationwide by its simplicity and practical concept.

Story Line

Name of the show Kachchi Dhoop
Director Amol Palekar
Story / Script Chitra Palekar
Producer Chitra Palekar
Cinematographer Debu Deodhar
Song / Dialogue Kamlesh Pande
Season 1
Episodes 14
Telecasted Network Doordarshan
Telecasted in 1987

The story of the show was simple yet relatable. It was based on a single mother who is raising her three daughters who were in their teenage. The girls had different dreams and different perspective towards life. The show also featured a father and a son living in the neighbourhood who apparently became one major part of the mother’s family. The father, played by Amol Palekar and the son, played by Prashant Bhatt, had a different story to depict on the show.

The show opened with Deewali sequence where kids were firing crackers. The three sisters who belonged to poor family were thinking about buying something for their mother as their mother worked hard to bring them up. They only had 35/- in total which is way too less to buy something.

While on the one side they were planning to by their mother gifts, on the other all of them had their own dreams of buying something special for their own good. The story revolved around these issues of teenagers. Their dreams and how they deal with the real life.

Some Facts about the show

  • Bhagyashree did her debut with Kachchi Dhoop in 1987. After 2 years she did her first Hindi movie Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989).
  • Shalmalee Palekar is a daughter of Amol and Chitra Palekar.
  • It was a finite show and had only 14 episodes.
  • Ashutosh Gowariker had already done Haryanvi and Hindi movies before Kachchi Dhoop happened to him. It was his first television appearance.

Relevance Today

Kachchi Dhoop is a story of us. It was relatable and very much connected to the real world. The show was based on a single mother. Even today when we have reached to the modern era, the single mothers face several problems in life. It is not an easy thing to handle life, work and three growing up girls. Kachchi Dhoop, as the name says, describes the hearts of the teenagers. How they think, what they talk about, what are their dreams, how they deal with real life and much more psychological and emotional things that are relevant in all generations.

The starting of the drama showed how the girls had thought of different things they needed for Deewali, but by the end of the day, they had planned to give their mother a gift instead. As they had realised how their mother was working hard to get them a good life. We all have dreams, some come true, some go under the veins. But we must not forget about the people who sacrifice their lives for us. It is all about priority that we must identify in our life.

There was a sweet love story shown between Bhagyashree and Ashutosh which was also quite relevant. It is obvious that wherever we are, today or tomorrow, love will always be same and it will always make us happy. The heart wrenching scenes and acting had made the show popular and loved by the entire nation.

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