K Gowtham Biography IPL bowler Age Height Girlfriend

K Gowtham Biography IPL bowler speed wicket Age Height Girlfriend 

The game of cricket is one of the many things which are celebrated by the people of India with a lot of passion. It is not viewed just as a game. It is much more than that. People go to any lengths to get their hands on the tickets for the game just to see their heroes shine on the cricket pitch. A win sends the entire nation into a festive mood while a loss is enough to dishearten millions across the nation. It may not be correct to say that every cricketer is seen as a legend but of course, they get a massive fan-following if they manage to deliver a stunt much needed.

K Gowtham at a glance

Personal Details
Name of the player Krishnappa Gowtham
Birth place Bangalore
Birth year 1988
Birth date October 20
Age 28 years
Eye color Dark brown
Language proficiency Hindi, Kannada and English
Married Not yet
Affair / Girlfriend None
Religion Hindu
Zodiac Libra
Professional Details
Profession Cricket
Batting style Right-hand batsman
Bowling style Off-break – right-arm
Professional cricket appearance Under-15 zonal tournament
Ranji Torphy played in year 2012
Ranji Trophy team Karnataka
Ranji Tropy opponent team Bengal
Best of career Ranji Trophy Season of 2016-2017 with a run of 7 wickets by conceding 108 runs.
Formats of cricket played First Class
List A

Personal details

There are definitely many players who are looked up on as Gods of cricket. Little Master – Sachin Tendulkar is one such God of cricketing arena. That’s a name that every Indian knows however, there are some players whose names are known only to die hard cricket fans. If you are one such cricket fan, then you must have heard the name of K. Gowtham. His full name is Krishnappa Gowtham. He was born in the city of Bangalore. This city is not only famous for its IT hubs but also for producing a number of cricketing legends. Though he was a bright student, he always had a flair for the sport. His parents understood this and encouraged him to chase his dreams.

k gowtham

Professional cricketing career

Krishnappa Gowtham took the first step towards playing professional cricket when he was selected for bowling in the match between Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. The match was organized on 17th of November, in the year 2012. It was during this match that the nation came across someone who could be a good contender for the national team cap.

The last time he was seen playing an international level game was in the year 2017. This match was played between the arch rivals India and Australia. The match was organized on the hallowed ground of Mumbai stadium, and he performed well.

As far as playing T20 format is concerned, he was seen wielding the willow in the match that was played between Goa and Karnataka on 16th October in the year 2011 and then again in 2017. After this, he was dropped from the team, and he went into a long break. The drought period in his career ended as he was booked by the Mumbai Indians Team in the 2017 season of IPL.

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His main skills

Though K Gowtham is good both with the ball and the bat, he has not been able to master all the strokes and deliveries. He is accustomed to batting as a right-handed batsman, and when it comes to deliveries, he prefers Right-arm off break style. Most people and cricket experts pointed out that his way of bowling is similar to that of Harbhajan Singh.

Coping with hardships

When a reporter asked him about the times when he was not a part of any team, he said that he took it as a challenge. Yes! He was depressed, but he did not allow it to take the upper hand. With the determination of making a comeback, he kept on practicing. He had a long waiting period, but it gave him the required time to focus on his bowling and batting skills. He utilized the moths practicing hard so that when the right time came, he could prove the critics wrong.

His idol

K Gowtham had commented on several occasions that he likes the bowling style of Harbhajan and idolizes the star player. It was his dream to play with his role model, and he got the opportunity this time. When asked about this he said that he was very excited and was looking forward to sharing the dressing room with the legends in the cricketing arena.

He is looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity and learns something significant from these masters. Though he wants to ball like Harbhajan, he is aware of the fact that he will have to make a separate mark for himself. He wants to be known for his particular brand of playing. The last thing on his mind is being called the shadow of someone else.

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