Junoon (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Junoon (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Junoon was the most renowned show aired on national television back in mid 90s. Junoon hit on TV screen at prime time and aired for long 5 years which was quite unexpected at that time as most of the shows were finite at that point of time. It had more than 500 episodes that aired during mid 90s and wrapped up around late 90s.

Junoon (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Junoon was the first show ever on Indian television that lasted for so long. Today we often find such shows that run longer than a normal human life with new characters, new twists and generation leaps. But at that era shows came up with finite numbers of episodes and selected characters. Junoon was a completely different thing here. It started with two families and ended up with them only, but it lasted for 5 years long with 500+ episodes unlike other shows.

The show did not have many characters unlike today’s shows. They showed two families and rift between them. It was all about them and people around them. Junoon was and will always be the most engaging show on television as it had officially started the family drama at prime time.


Junoon, as said, was all about two families namely Rajvansh and Dhanraj. These two biggies had several issues and emotional connection with each other. The two lead names Sumer Rajvansh and Aditya Dhanraj were the main characters in the show. The story revolved around these two characters.

The story began with Aditya Dhanraj falls in love with a girl namely Rima Rajvansh who was also Sumer’s sister. Aditya who belonged to a family of traditional values could not marry her due to family’s issues. Aditya went to abroad leaving Rima behind when she was carrying Aditya’s child. Rima, on the other went to depression and tried to commit suicide as she thought she was cheated.

Sumer confronted Aditya when he came back after few years from abroad and told him about Rima’s life and pregnancy. Aditya got shocked to know that Rima was carrying his child. Sumer didn’t believe Aditya, as he thought Aditya is a cheater and a liar who used his sister. Aditya, then married to Seema, tried to tell Sumer that he was innocent but it didn’t help.

The main story started from there when Sumer-Aditya enemy-ship started accelerating slowly. The two respective families also got affected by Sumer and Aditya’s rift. Sumer, later on attempted evil plans, unlawful events to knock down Aditya in his business and life. The show was all about family, friendship, love, emotions and drama. Junoon (means desperation) had set a trend on Indian television of long running shows in prime time.

Relevance Today

Junoon is a family drama that can be happened at any generation or any era. The love relation between Rima and Aditya was so relatable even today. We often see there are caste / status / religion issues between the girl and boy family when the duo want to take the relationship in next level that is marriage. The essence of Junoon is how Sumer took revenge from Aditya for cheating his sister. This one is also quite relevant today as a brother leave no stone unturned to save his sister’s life and make her happy.

Most of the time, when two people fall in love or fall in hate the first thing that got affected is their respective families. The show showed that angle as well. How the families deal with this rift between the men of the show. There were other relations as well where one can easily relate to. They were practical and much more real than just a television show.

The show also had another point to be remembered was the ensemble cast of the show. There were some of the big names like Parikkhit Sahani, Benjamin Gilani, Beena, Smita Jaykar, Kitu Gidwani, Sarita Joshi were there on the show.

Important Details of the show
Name of the showJunoon
SubjectFamily Drama
Banner (production house)Cinevistaas
DirectorA. Salam
CreatorSunil Mehta
ProducerPrem Kishen & Sunil Mehta
Story WriterPran Kishor & Sunil Mehta
Dialogues written byPran Kishor
Official site addresshttp://www.cinevistaas.com/
Telecast details
Telecast Date1994
Aired onDoordarshan
Telecast Episodes510
Episodes Length23 minutes (approx)
Telecast season no.1
Cast Details
Character nameReal name
Sumer RajvanshMangal Dhillon
Aditya DhanrajShashi Puri

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