Jason Shah Age Height Weight Girlfriend (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Jason Shah Age Height Weight Girlfriend (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Jason Shah, born in Gujarat but soon after few years he relocated to Britain where he was brought up. He has the British citizenship. He is popular model and apart from modeling he is also a fitness trainer. His dashing personality has earned him lot of popularity among the world of actors. He performed in several Hollywood movies but his desire to compete in the Big Boss has made him to relocate in India.

Jason Shah

Personal life

In the childhood days, Jason was a naughty fellow. He has the tendency of better fitness from the early days. During his school days he preferred to act apart from being a good student, he prefers to choose the acting profession in his later part of the life. He was very passionate about it and that allowed him to become a successful actor. Being a model he has surely earned the hearts of many people especially the females. With such physic and with candy eyes, he is definitely expected to be the best performer when he is on the stage.

Apart from his profession, he is also a person with great determination and possesses to have hard works all the time. He loved to have the Gujarati food but because of his fitness maintenance he has to sacrifice those spice food.

Character sketch

Jason has strong faith within himself and he does not let the things to go that easily and thereby he has the tendency to succeed in every field that he persuades. He is the man who could try to achieve the success by any means and that has taken to this level where he is being admired by the people across the world.

Apart from being a successful actor, he is also known for his kind heart and prefers to enjoy the comedy shows and love to play cricket. He is probable the man with no deformities in his look, a perfect look that one dreams for.

The popularity of his is not much exposed to the world. The reason behind is that he does not prefer to face the media but through the social networking sites, one can easily witness the popularity that he has among his fans. He has numerous followers in the instagram and apart from these his images and photos are liked by almost every user in the social networking sites.

Present performance in reality shows

With the success in the field of acting he has decided to attain the shows of Big Boss Season ten and there he has been get the entry through the wild card and now he is getting ready to set temperature of the Big Boss by expressing his personality and his look to the audience across the world. His entry has made some people to feel that he is the one to succeed till the final rounds of Big Boss.

The show has been getting its popularity because of such personality like Jason. Moreover the show has provided the opportunity to express and get popularity among the followers. Thus they are having the better television ratting point.

Specialty and future

To reach the top you need to need to have something different from others. Number of people is hard working, dedicated and focused but still they cannot reach the top. Therefore to reach the top you need have the luck factor and to be honest, Jason is very lucky.  He has been carrying his luck all the way.

The man possessed certain criteria that made him popular not only in Britain but also in India. Strong determination, Dedication and hard work have paid it’s price with the success. Not many people can take part in Big Boss, to take part in reality show like Big Boss one has to bear some special qualities with which he or she can be distinguished from the rest. But it is the ability of this man that made to come across all hard work and got the opportunity to take part in such shows. Before coming to the Big Boss, he has also been with Bollywood and during this time he was casted in a movie named as Fitoor. The movie was popular among the Indian people. The model has been dating the Brazilian model Daniela Poublan and faced the media with the identity of considering as his girlfriend.

He has not been into any serious controversies but his achievements is allowing him to express himself in front of the world and thereby he would achieve good popularity and that may result him to come under the radar that may lead him to some controversies that may even spoil his successful career.

Quick glance

In order to know the person at a glance one can refer to the table and therefore the table is highlighted below:

  1. NAME : Jason Shah
  2. PLACE OF BIRTH : Gujarat
  4. PROFESSION : Model and Trainer
  5. CURRENT STATUS : Contestant at Big Boss season 10
  7. Girlfriend : Not Known

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