Indira Gandhi National Service Scheme Awards

Indira Gandhi National Service Scheme Awards

The National Service scheme was introduced in the year 1969, which was the Centenary Year of Mahatma Gandhi. The members involved in this scheme work towards the up-lift of the Indian society and then they are awarded for it. The award that is given for the members of the scheme for doing an effective work for the society is called Indira Gandhi National Service Scheme Awards.

Indira Gandhi National Service Scheme Awards

The scheme started with only 40000 student volunteers across 37 universities in the country but there are more than 3.6 million students from 351 universities working as part of this scheme on this date. The number of academic institutions where this scheme has been implemented is 16057.

S.No Things Need to Know about Indira Gandhi NSS Awards Detailed Information
1 Who are eligible to receive Indira Gandhi NSS Awards Students who involved in NSS activities
2 NSS  National Service Scheme
3 When did  National Service Scheme (NSS) launched On the Mahatma Gandhi’s Centenary Year (1969
4 Motive of Indira Gandhi NSS Awards To Encourage NSS Student Volunteers
5 Who distributes the Indira Gandhi NSS Awards for 2016 – 17 Indian President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
6 Total number of awards awarded under this Indira Gandhi NSS awards 52 Awards

As a part of this scheme the members of the scheme get involved in different productive and constructive work that would benefit the society, work towards social reforms, conduct awareness drives, do relief work, or set up blood donation camps, work on environmental protection or conservation, literacy campaigns, or take up similar other useful initiatives.

In a period of 2 year the volunteer is supposed to give 240 hours of service under this scheme. And for this work that they do for the society, the scheme volunteers (Student volunteers, Program Officers, NSS units and university cells) are given incentives and awards to encourage them and appreciate them for the work that they are doing.

Objective of the awards

The main objective of giving out this award is to recognize the work done by the volunteers and to encourage them in the work that they do for our society. The objective of the National Service scheme is the Development of the Personality of Students through Community Service. So motivate them for working and providing community service the awards and incentives are given to the students or member who do outstanding work as a part of their community service.

Eligibility for getting the award

The Universities, NSS units and Program Officers, and the NSS volunteers are eligible for this award. But then there are some rules by which the eligibility for each is decided. Here are the details for each-

For Universities or +2 Council

  • The university or the +2 Council should be working under the NSS program for at least 5 years. The universities associated with the program for less than 5 years will not be considered for the award.
  • The target set by the university during enrollment must have been completed not just one time but for the past three years at least.
  • For the NSS units it is must to have included the slum areas and villages for their development and provide literacy to them as a part of community service.
  • The number of volunteers from a particular university has to be more than 1000 for being eligible for the award. Apart from this the university should particular in submitting all their financial reports and program reports. All this will be considered while evaluating.
  • Apart from all this the universities will be also be judged based on their overall reputation in the society and the University Jurisdiction. Another judgment will be based on the number of volunteers, from that particular university, that have finished their 240 hours of work in the period of 2 years.
  • Also one has to show that what percentage of literacy they have brought about in the village or slum taken up by the university. The records of the past three years will be checked.

For NNS Units and Program Officers

  • The NSS Units too should have been functioning for the past 5 years or more, and should have fulfilled their campaign targets for the past three years. The years will be calculated on the year the awards are being conducted, so the calculation will be of the past 5 years and 3 years from then.
  • Each of the NSS units should have worked in the slum or village areas and brought about literacy. The result of the work done in the slums and villages has to be shown.
  • Coming to the Program Officers, he or she will be considered for the award if he or she have been appointed in accordance to the NSS guidelines and has been trained accordingly.
  • The Officer has to have a good reputation in the NSS units and in the society as well, for being considered for this award. The Program Officer’s record has to be good and he or she should have submitted all the reports on time. The overall performance will be evaluated and then only the eligibility will be decided.

For NSS Volunteers

  • The student will be considered for the awards only after he or she has completed 2 years in the service of NSS. The student should have been involved in a minimum of two Special Campaign Programs and in one National Program.
  • The student should be between 18 to 25 years to be considered for the award. For students belonging to ST and SC category the age limit can be 18 to 28 years. More importantly the students should have definitely completed 240 hours of service in a period of two continuous years.
  • Apart from this the academic performance of the student will also be considered, and it has to be fairly good. Also the reputation of the student has to good, overall.
  • The personality, punctuality, and leadership quality will be assessed. Most importantly his or her effort and involvement in a certain service or campaign will be noted.

The section procedure adopted for the award

First the selection will take place on the regional and state level and the names will be passed to the national selection committee.

For the selection in the national level there is a committee that is head by the Secretary of the Youth Affair and Sports. The other members of the section committee are the Joint Secretary of the Youth Affairs, Director of the NSS, Secretary of the AIU and few others. This committee will evaluate the suggestions and recommendations made from the State Government Officials and then select the most suitable ones.

Awards that are given

There are 5 levels of awards that are given under the Indira Gandhi NSS award.

  • One is the Award that is given to the University or +2 council. The value of the awards for this category is Rs.300000 and along with this the awardees is given a Trophy and a Certificate.
  • Then is the Upcoming University category where the value of award is Rs.200000. Along with this a trophy and certificate is also given.
  • The next category is the award for the best Program Officer, 10 awardees are recognized and awarded in this category. The value of the award here is Rs.70000 along with a certificate and trophy.
  • Then comes the NSS Unit category where again 10 awards are given out. The value of the award is Rs.100000, along with a certificate and trophy.
  • Then comes the award for the NSS volunteers, where 30 volunteers are awarded at a time. The value of the award is Rs.50000, along with a trophy and a certificate.

The awardees are all sent special invitation to the National Award Ceremony and the fare of travelling in 1st class train is covered for the awardees. Along with this their accommodation and food is also taken care of by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. All the awardees have to be present at the awardees ceremony or the Ministry may decide to cancel the award.

The Indira Gandhi NSS Award of 2016

On the 19th of November, 2016 the National Scheme Award of 2015-16 took place. The Award ceremony was held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee presented the awardees with the National Scheme Award for their outstanding work done under the National Service Scheme.

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