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Indian Railways Cashless Ticket Booking

Indian Railways Cashless Ticket Booking

The government is spreading a strong notice for the people of India to go cashless and in the process several departments that are associated with financial matter are started to go cashless and the recently the railways have started to go cashless. It has been the railways that have decided to go cashless for all the departments that are dealing offline. The online transaction has already been with cashless but it was offline section that was dealing with the cash but with such introduction, the entire Railway department has decided to avoid cash.

Indian Railways Cashless Ticket Booking

The digital booking facilities have allowed the customers to have their tickets by using their debit, credit, internet banking and other services that are directly related to the account that are operated by you under certain nationalized bank.

Way to have cashless transactions

By now, the railways have not made it compulsory but the online those who are booking through the website of IRCTC are suppose to pay through the cards but soon the entire transaction will be done through online and no cash will be accepted after the 31st December.

The railway officials confirmed that they are already dealing with cashless by fifty eight percent and they promised to make the entire transaction through cashless so the online transaction are encouraged and people are being informed thorough several Railway websites and advertisements that the transaction will soon be converted in cards and therefore people should not use the cash will booking the railway tickets.

The IRCTC is the most e-commercial portal across the nation.  The portal serves its transaction up to fifty eight percent through the online and no cash is accepted during such transaction.  The railways have also thought of booking unreserved tickets through the mobile phones. People can easily use their phones to book the unreserved and these tickets will be shown in the counter to have the tickets that confirm your journey.

Benefits of online ticket

There are several benefits that are found when the passengers are having the online tickets.  These benefits are essential for the development of the nation.  Therefore one need to know the benefits and these benefits are listed in the points given below:

  • The people can easily book their tickets and one would not have to wait for a long time in the queue in front of the ticket counter. The mobile tickets will take lesser time to confirm the seats so it can help the passengers to book their tickets within a short span of time and it would not make people to wait much in the queue.
  • People would not have to carry their cash and stand in queue as there could be some risk about this money which can be stolen at the queue or during the journey to have tickets.
  • People would have to carry all their amounts to the banks and therefore the government would get an idea about the total amount of cash that the citizens are bearing.
  • This would also reduce the blackmoney. The blackmoney holders are bound to come in front of the government and they are severely charged for it.

Implementation to vendors

The vendors and the shops that are featured by the railway will also be cashless. Therefore the vendors and shopkeepers have also be informed to have the device and proper bank accounts that will have all their incomes which is coming through the business.  Therefore the railways are making it common for every people to visit the railways without cash.  That will not only make them safe but the extent of stealing will be reduced to considerable amount and the blackmoney holders would be forced to register their unaccounted amounts in front of the government.

Everyday almost one thousand and two hundred tickets are being sold and with such tickets the people can travel from one place to another and if these tickets are made cashless then one can surely feel the amount of money that would be forced to transfer to the bank accounts and thus the government would get sufficient tax for the devilment



To come up with cashless scheme


BENEFITS TO People travelling by Rail.
NUMBER OF PEOPLE 1200 people (approx)

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