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Indian Passengers will enjoy In-Flight Facilities (Wi-Fi service, Calling service) Soon

Indian Passengers will enjoy In-Flight Facilities (Wi-Fi service, Calling service) Soon

 In India, very few airline operators are currently providing in-flight services such as Wi-Fi service, Calling service, etc. But this situation is expected to change very soon after the Indian Government has held several meetings with the Department of Telecommunications in India for introducing several in-flight services. We all know about the facilities the domestic airlines provide outside India but the Indian citizens have always been deprived of the in-flight facilities. Thus this news will make the citizens of India very happy as they will be able to make calls and use Wi-Fi at the time of their journey by airplane.

Indian Passengers will enjoy In-Flight Facilities (Wi-Fi service, Calling service) Soon

Actually, having the in-flight facilities is a must for the developed nations. The airlines in the developed countries are bound to provide in-flight facilities to keep their market shares. Indian Government also will provide the facilities soon and it is expected that the decision will be made within the next 10 days. Several sources have reported that the decision will be positive.

Benefit of the Flight Operators

 The cost and provisions of offering in-flight services are quite expensive and thus these facilities aren’t provided currently by the Flight Operators of India. But the Indian Government will provide some waivers to the Flight Operators of India so that they would be able to launch the in-flight facilities and this step of the Indian Government will eventually help the Flight Operators.

Also, the flight operators will receive public appreciation throughout the country.

Until now, using Wi-Fi was only available while flying and that was also available for the International flights. But if everything goes right, the flight operators of India are also set to launch calling service while flying and it will be a big accomplishment for them which will eventually benefit them. There won’t be any caps on the call & data charges which will benefit the operators.

Safety Measures by Indian Government

 The Indian government will be allowing some in-flight services such as making calls and using Wi-Fi services but there is a slight risk of allowing these services because some people may use it to do illegal things. But the Indian Government has ensured some safety measures mentioned below.

Safety Measure Way of Operation
Tracking The Government will keep track of the voice data.
Recording The Government will record the voice calls.
Monitoring The Government will monitor all suspicious activities.

The cellular networks and Wi-Fi signals will also be unable to interfere with this system as this system will be designed to avoid this interference. The Wi-Fi facility will be available to the Indian carriers as well as the foreign carriers. The major condition for this service is that the carriers will have to fly over the Indian Airspace. This service will certainly benefit the Indian citizens as they will be able to make calls and use Wi-Fi while up 30, 000 feet in the sky.

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