Idhar Udhar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Idhar Udhar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Ishar udhar was yet another show that aired on doordarshan during mid 80s. The show was fun to watch. Unfortunately it had to wrap up within 12 episodes. But later on the show again came up with new set of actors, keeping the leads as it is after 13 years on a private channel. The show was neither a family drama nor something with social message. It was a completely fun-filled entertaining show where two real life siblings Supriya and Ratna Pathak acted as two roommates.

Idhar Udhar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Liliput and Ravi Baswani were also seen in the show as the second leads. The creator of the show Anand had contributed many shows to Indian television, especially in the history of Doordarshan. Though various episodes were directed by different directors however the overall show was executed by Anand only. Gabbo Agarwal had directed the first episode of the first season which was loved by the nation.

After 13 years of the first season, the second season came to a private channel with same female leads and sort of same problems they are facing. The seconds leads were not there instead some new faces were added. Overall the show had done splendid job. With other serious family dramas this show was refreshment for the viewers.


The show started with two girls Sunita and Poonam played by real life siblings Ratna and Supriya Pathak. They came to Mumbai and started living as paying guests in a same apartment. The two girls came from different background but they shared a good bonding with each other.

After a point of time a new paying guest came to the same house, Bhairav played by Ravi with them. The story started from there. Once he started living with them he as well as the girls had faced a lot of problems.

In the 3rd episode Bhairav came to stay at their house. The episode started with the girls telling him what the rules of the house are and how he has to follow all the rules starting from attending milkman at 5 in the morning and sleeping on the sofa-cum-bed and so on. It was a comedy show where the joy and the problems both have shown by the makers.

The second season came with the same female leads Supriya nd Ratna Pathak. The second season started with Sunita and Poonam came back to city after 13 years and they started living in the same house as before. They met another paying guest Kaitey while living in that house. Season 2 had 22 episodes in total where the makers showed how these girls cope up with the problems living in a same house.

Relevance today

It was aired back in 80s but the concept sill works for entertainment world. After so many years, almost 30 years later there are shows that have the same concept. A television show had come a couple of years back in a private music channel which nearly followed the same concept as Idhar Udhar had. So definitely we can say that the concept didn’t get old. Talking about the genre of the show it can be said that comedy shows never fail to cheer people irrespective of age, generation and era.

The show was a full-on comedy series which had pure and innocent comedy which in today’s life is hard to find. Idhar Udhar was a show that depicted how strangers get along with each other and what are the issues strangers have to face while staying together. The world around you goes upside down when you encounter such issues. The show is all about fun, happiness and a joyful ride with Supriya Pathak and Ratna Pathak – the two most versatile actresses in B-town. We have also seen these leading ladies in other renowned comedy shows as well.

Important Details about the show
Name of the showIdhar Udhar
SubjectFamily Drama / comedy
Banner (production house)Advance Entertainment Network Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorAnand Mahendroo
CreatorAnand Mahendroo
ProducerShobha Doctor
Story writer 
Dialogues written by 
Official site 
Telecast Details
Telecast Date1985, 1998
Aired onDoordarshan
Telecast Episodes34
Episode Length22 minutes
No of seasons2
Cast Details
Character NameReal Name
SunitaRatna Pathak
PoonamSupriya Pathak
BhairavRavi Baswani
Kaitey (season 2)Bhavna Balsavar

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