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Honesty is the best Policy

Honesty is the best Policy

Honesty is one such human quality that makes someone courageous and sincere. Being honest means you are faithful to the world as well as your nearest and dearest ones. Being honest is tough, because being dishonest is simpler than being a faithful person. But honesty makes a human confident and dependable. Honest people can be good friends, good life partners, trust worthy and above all a very good human being. There is a famous proverb that says honesty is the best policy. Indeed it is true because dishonesty and being liar make people weak and unfaithful.

Honesty is the best Policy

Importance & Positivity of Honesty

Honesty is very important in anyone’s life. Telling lie and being insincere make people weak and fearful. One who is dishonest can never get a good sleep because he keeps worrying about being caught. Telling the truth and always support the true facts make people stronger and more confident in life. Honest people are capable of face any kind of problems in life. They are not escapist. They can fight back with all their will power because they are not afraid of anything. That is the positivity of honesty in life.

People who are honest, support the truth and also tell the truth have become very good friends and very good partners in future. Friends and family depend on them, trust them and always love them for their honesty and sincerity.


Once upon a time there was a boy named Rohan. He was a brilliant student in college. But he was very poor. Most of the time he could not do what other friends used to do because of his financial issue. After finishing his college he tried to find a good job so that he could support his family. He tried hard to find a suitable job but failed to do so after so many tries. Finally he started working in a factory as a labour.

The owner of the factory, an old man, was a very rich man. He used to keep an eye on Rohan. He somewhere felt that Rohan is not like others. He was educated and cultured. Old man knew that the boy was doing such job because of some problem, not by his own choice. The old man started liking Rohan.

One day the old man thought to test Rohan’s honesty though he knew Rohan is a very good and sincere boy still he gave it a try. He called Rohan to his office and gave him ten thousand rupees and told him to deliver the same to some client. Rohan left the office and delivered the same without taking a penny from it. Old man was happy to see his honesty. Again on the next day he called Rohan and handed him over a bunch of hundred rupees. This time old man didn’t count the money. Rohan didn’t know how much money he was carrying. But it didn’t bother him. He delivered the same to the client.

Happy to see an honest boy, the old man kept giving him money for delivering. One day when Rohan was going to deliver the money he saw a beautiful watch in a shop. He could not control his temptation and bought it by the money he had for the client. He didn’t inform his boss about it. His boss came to know about it but didn’t say anything to Rohan. Next day he again handed over some money to Rohan and this time intentionally he stole hundred rupees because he knew his boss like him and won’t say anything.

After repeating such incident 2-3 times the old man got dishearten because he expected Rohan to disclose the truth to him but he didn’t. So Rohan was thrown out of the work. The old man was sad because he was living alone. When he saw Rohan he thought Rohan could take the place of his son and he could give all the factory and business to him. But Rohan turned out to be a dishonest boy. When Rohan came to know this he got hurt and started regretting because he realised that he did wrong. By the time he realised that honesty is policy it was too late. He lost everything. He could have got much more than few hundred rupees note but he lost them all because he was dishonest.

Causes of Dishonest

  • Dishonesty is also a human nature. It generally arises because of greed. When the person is greedy and his/her desire for money or anything becomes more than anything else then the person becomes dishonest. In this case he/she can go any extent to get the money or their favourite things.
  • The society that we are living in is another cause behind dishonest. Somewhere the society and its rules show us that money can buy anything. The power of money becomes so important and necessary today that a dishonest person can have a better life than an honest person. This makes people to convert into dishonest easily.

How to be Honest from Dishonest

  • The most important tip to become an honest person is to tell the truth. If you ever have done something wrong then confess your misdeed. It might bring trouble in your life for the time being but it will make your life better in future.
  • Secondly try to control your desires. You have to understand and accept your position. If your wants become bigger than what you deserve then it might force you to do something that you should not do like Rohan in the story.

Pros and Cons of Honesty

Pros Cons
Honest people are sincere and courageous Being honest can let you face trouble in life
Honest people can face any tough time in life Dishonest people are more successful than honest people because they take wrong ways to earn money
They are confident and have strong will power Mostly honest people are considered to be weak people in society.
With honesty you can be very good friend and dependable person. People who tell the truth and always support the truth might lose friends for pointing out their wrong deeds.
Honesty makes a person strong and also it brings happiness in long term Before going for long term, honesty brings mush more trouble in near future than dishonesty
With honesty you will be loved and respected by all Being honest and confess the wrong deed can give you immense pain from the loved ones.


The path of dishonesty is easier and happier, but in the long run it will only harm the person for his / her own deeds. Being honest is tough and might not bring that mush happy moment all the time, but in the long run it always makes a person happy, confident, dependable, trust worthy and of course sincere in every field. Honesty is the best policy in every sense, be it student life or working life or personal life, one must be honest in everything he/she does. Like Rohan if you do a wrong deed in life, rather than hiding it or covering it you must confess it for your own good.


We all know about the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’. We often experience the same in real life too. But on the other it is also true that dishonest people are getting better and better life while honest people are suffering. At many times we see honesty costs more than anything else in life. If we look at the story here, Rohan was an honest boy but no one respects his honesty, no one gave him job, he had to take up a job that does not suit his education.

Despite having so much trouble those who remains honest in life will always get a blissful life at the end. I can remember once my father told me that whatever you will do, do it honestly, never cheat on anyone. This will make you satisfied and happy. You will get a good and peaceful sleep at night. I follow his words. Because I feel he is right. People who are dishonest and cheat on people for temporary happiness can never be happy in future. They cannot have peaceful sleep at night. They always feel guilty of being a cheater.

On the other people who are honest may face terrible situations at the first place but they will always win the race at the end of the day. As the story depicts Rohan stole the money for his temporary happiness, if he didn’t do that he could have earned much more. He could be the owner of the factory one day. But he missed everything because he was dishonest. We all must learn that being dishonest is easy but not good and yes honesty is definitely the best policy to get a good, satisfactory, successful and sincere life. We must get rid of greed and desire of money in life.

Quotes on Honesty

If someone else have the best or even the worst that does not change what you have. Be happy with what you have.

Goodness is not a thing, it is all about character. Being honest is something that makes you good and fills your character with goodness.

You can easily defeat your fear by honesty. Honesty is another name of bravery. Telling the truth and confessing is indeed a brave move.

Doing something with honesty, commitment and lot of appetite, the output automatically compliments the inputs.

Honesty and ethics are the pillars on which our society is standing. Being a good businessman is a part of life, but being an honest human being is the question of standards.

I am rude at times because I speak the truth, I am harsh because I live with the truth, but whatever I do, I do it with honesty.

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