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HDFC Lite Banking app make you very comfort and convenient in using

HDFC Lite Banking app make you very comfort and convenient in using

Nowadays, the technology has been well developed and the banking services are now possible in the mobile itself. There is no need to connect the internet for using the HDFC lite app. The customer service will be at your fingertip if you use such application. This shows that for mobile banking, internet connection is not required.

HDFC Lite Banking app make you very comfort and convenient in using

Things to know before using this HDFC Lite bank app:

For knowing your account information, the toll free numbers are not required and also there is no need to type the long keywords to send the SMS. The HDFC lite app is that much light and it does not require much space on your phone. It is very simple and easy to install even when there is slow connection. It is very safe and secure but you have to work from the mobile number which is registered in your bank. Both Hindi and English languages are preferred to work with this mobile banking application.

Need to use this HDF Lite bank app:

The login ID and passwords are also not required. You can use this app when you move to any place and also at any time. There is no doubt that you will surely enjoy the features more. Before using this app, you should read all the terms and conditions so that it will make you to accept for using such application.

Know the details of your banking through this HDF Lite app:

After the arrival of face book and you tube lite app, this HDFC app also comes in lighter version. It is available in both Google Play store and also in iOS app store. It is such a good interface for the bank customer care. It is not possible to do transactions of depositing amount. But you can do all the requests and enquiries which are bifurcated into various sections. This is done with the help of giving a missed call or sending a SMS.

Features involved in this HDFC Lite banking app:

  • Each and every section of the newly introduced HDFC mobile banking Lite application has its own enquiry and it comes into the own extensions, so users can easily access it.
  • The primary accounts can be very easily set up by just enabling this application and to details regarding the accounts can be verified from the newly introduced LITE mobile application by HDFC.
  • Also, with the LITE application, customers can able to check their account balance and also they can very easily get the mini statement of your account.
  • In addition to those primary services, the mobile banking LITE application has the feature of requesting the cheque books with ease. And also users can verify the status of the cheques.
  • With the newly introduced mobile banking LITE application of the HDFC bank, the status of the cheques can also be checked and the cheque payment can also be stopped by using this advanced app. Along with the option of generating net banking passwords.

Similarly like these features, you can enjoy more but it has to be used properly without creating any issues. This app is very much compatible to all the mobile devices which are technically good. Most importantly the size of this new application is too low which is around 1MB, so the accessing of this app would be much faster since it doesn’t consuming more memory in customer’s mobile phones.

For HDFC customers it’s going to be a treat on using this light weighted mobile banking application for accessing their account status right from their palms of their hand.

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