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Residents of Haryana to receive Health Cards

Residents of Haryana to receive Health Cards

The Haryana state government plans to issue health cards to its state residential, the announcement about the health cards for the state people has came from the Health Minister Mr. Anil Vij. Country like India one of the promising developing nations of the world facing tough situation when it comes to provide proper health care facilities to its fellow citizens, with the current PM’s dream of Digital India scheme, various initiatives are taken by the both state and central government to provide e-governance facilities to the people.

Residents of Haryana to receive Health Cards

Among those initiatives providing this Health cards to the Haryana people has been taken by the state government of Haryana under the guidelines of central government.

More Information about Health Cards

The proposed health cards under this scheme would be issued to the state people, where the health cards will be merged with the details all authentic proofs for every respective individuals by lining with the unique identification number provided by the Aadhaar cards which owned by the UDAI of India.

Who announced about this health card details? State health minister Mr. Anil Vij
Where will be the registration details for this health card stored? Haryana Resident Data Base and in Aadhaar database
Health card is to store how many diseases details? 30 Major diseases

Some of the benefits which can be availed by the state people of Haryana with this proposed health card scheme by state government are listed below.

  • As the health cards going to be linked with the Aadhaar card database, all details including the bio-metric details of each and every state people can be identified with the health cards by the hospitals or doctors.
  • Being in digital format, the proposed health cards will be able to store the details like essential tests which are related to blood, kidney, heart and so, in it. With this storage facility, doctors would be to track the medical records of people anytime.
  • All state people will be given with unique health identification number (UHID) by which physicians would able to track the complete records of essential test results for their patients.

Details about the Announcement

Mr. Anil Vij, announced that the people of Haryana about 2.5 crore in numbers would receive Health cards in nearby future. He also added as the upcoming computerized health cards would be useful to store the medical data of the individuals, resulting doctors to be track the patient’s medication process easily.

He also seeks the proposal from the interested people about the health cards which can be submitted within 15th of the December 2016 at the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare located in Panchkula.

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