Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

With 70 years of independence, still many villages in the nation yet to have basic amenity infrastructure like proper water, toilet, transport facilities and so. On accounting those facts, the central and state governments India taking strong initiatives under the governance of state government to provide all necessary amenities to all remote villages, as initiatives the scheme has been launched in the state of Jharkhand where one can witness lot of remote villages.

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

As our country is grow more and more but still over villages are far away from the growth and panchayat of the villages have very less rights for the progress of their villages. There are very less decision which the panchayat can take by them. Also panchayat generally face the problem of money which become big problem in progress of the villages.

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas Scheme (HYHV)

To solve this problem government start Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas scheme under which panchayat will lot of rights so that they can take step for the progress of their villages. Also more budget will be provides to panchayat for the progress of the villages. Hamari Yojana hamara vikas meaning every gram panchayat will build their very own one year and 5 year development plan for the general development of the panchayat and villages.

S.NoThings Need to Know about Hamari Yojana Hamara VikasDetailed Information
1Name of the schemeHamari Yojana Hamara Vikas (HYHV)
2Where did the scheme (HYHV) implemented?In the state of Jharkhand
3Who launched this scheme?The chief minister of the Jharkhand Mr. Raghubar Das
4When the scheme did get launched?October 19th of 2016
5MotiveTo improve the basic amenities of villagers living in Jharkhand State

The State government of Jharkhand and the Central government of India work on Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas which is also recognized as gram panchayat development Plan. Under this scheme each Gram Panchayat will have the right to work independent and have right to make plan for their villages and for their people. Now, the Gram Panchayat can decision about water problem, education issues and many more. Now, the Gram Panchayat needs not to wait for the centre or state Government that they will provide help to solve their problem.

The rural development plan ready by worried Gram Panchayat will be based on the rural development plan under the meeting of a variety of resource. Under the rural development plan, junction will be newly created for all the resources like, 14th finance commission, state commission, Clean India mission of rural level, construction of panchayat brawn, growth Burial sites, rural development etc. To implement all this panchayat will provide some extra budget by the center and the state government both

Target behind Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

Basic plan of Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas of gram panchayat is mainly the development of the rural area and their people. Here is some basic target behind this scheme.

  • Under the Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas panchayat can build school building, build panchayat brawn, and provide clean water to the people of villages. Build toilet and many other things can do by itself without any approval.
  • Now gram panchayat get the right to take many decisions which was not taken by the gram panchayat because of that many works will be usually keep on hold.
  • Find out the basic require of concerned gram panchayat, joint planning and prioritization of resource to encourage the enhanced union Development of infrastructure of rural development
  • Now gram panchayat can focus on other vital issues like living of the poor, deficiency and social safety of the girls, which will comprise the wellbeing of Schedule Tribes and Scheduled Castes on precedence basic.
  • Particular attention is needed in the sector of health, education and steady employment. For all the village people now gram panchayat will be responsible for the basic amenities like drinking water; rural sanitation; rural electrification; rural housing and many more.
  • Promotion of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, social and farm forestry, village and cottage industry; public distribution system etc will be done under this scheme of HYHV

Under the completion of gram panchayat development Plan following are decision which are taken by the government

To keep villages neat and cleans and make secure the villages. Also provides the rights of education to all people of villages. Sort out the problem concerned with women. So Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas is basically for the villages so that villages will also grow just like the city. Their people will also get the same facilities as the city people have.

Under this scheme villager will get all the basic facilities like clean water, toilet, and electricity, proper waste management (to keep villages neat and clean) and many more. So all the gram panchayat must aware about this scheme so that they can benefit of this scheme


Under this newly launched scheme of Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas (HYHV), villages from the remote rural areas would be able to enjoy the basic amenity infrastructure without any hassle and it leads to growth of the villages.

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