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Nearly Half of India’s 4G Connections Work Through Jio

Nearly Half of India’s 4G Connections Work Through Jio

Smartapp has reported that the efforts from Jio to become the most prominent telecom service in India have been exceptionally strong. The Mukesh Ambani-led company has close to half the 4G data connections around India. Thanks to the work of Jio, the online world has become easier for people to access. This comes as people can get faster signals and reach more services than ever before. These include many streaming video services.

The specific report from Smartapp states that about 42 percent of all people in India who have 4G handsets are accessing those signals from Jio. This in turn is making Jio a more powerful name in the world of online connectivity.

In addition, Smartapp has found that Jio’s growth in the market is causing some competitors to start to lose profits. About 54 percent of Airtel’s profits from the past year have been lost as a result of Jio’s growth. That is, Jio has taken in more business from Airtel. In terms of the competition, about 17.5 percent of 4G users around India use Airtel. Around 12.2 percent use Vodafone while 11.5 percent use Idea.

The free internet service offer that Jio has been offering over time has been a critical factor in the growth of the company. This is a feature that the competition does not have at the moment. However, it is also a feature that will only be available for a limited time, thus creating a good question as to what may come about in the future.

Specifics On Data Usage

The free internet service is a key part of what is making Jio such a popular name in the telecom industry. But there are many other factors that can be explored in terms of what is making Jio so noteworthy. A key part of this entails the data usage that has been involved:

  • Jio users take in about 6.54 GB of data on average each month. This is the highest total in the entire country. Airtel and Vodafone are the closest at just 1.3 GB per user each every month.
  • More data is being used in some of the more urban parts of India. Around 6 GB is used each month in urban areas while that total is down to 5 GB in other places around India.
  • The two types of applications that experienced the biggest increases in data usage were the social media and video apps. Social media apps experienced an increase in nearly 450 percent in usage. For video apps, that total went up to 300 percent. Videos are especially being watched on social media apps like Facebook rather than more traditional video apps like YouTube.

The data usage has been going around a variety of different applications over time. News, sports and music apps have especially been popular in recent years. This comes as many applications are being offered to highlight a variety of functions that people can handle with their handsets. The variety of apps that will be available is expected to increase over time, thus making it all the more exciting to see where the industry will move into.

More Access to 4G

Jio is also helping people with getting access to 4G signals by providing people with useful sim cards. The company has even developed plans to home-deliver many 4G sim cards. This helps to get people to reach these signals through their handsets. This is also to help with improving the customer base in the company and to get more people to be interested in what is being offered.

The home delivery process entails cards being delivered in about five to seven days after they are ordered. This is a plan that helps to make it easier for the signals to be available to people sooner. This is also with service in mind to help people get more out of it.

Free For a Limited Time

While the free internet offer from Jio is a key part of what is helping the business grow, it is only going to work for a limited time. The company will offer a subsidized form of 4G access at some point after the free internet offer ends. That offer will end around the end of the year. It is unclear as to how the market will change but it will certainly be exciting for all to look forward to.

The work that Jio has done over the years has been critical to its development as a leader in the world of 4G connections. This could certainly cause the 4G industry in India to keep on growing with plenty of added competition coming about in the near future. The excitement should still be seen after the free internet offer ends although it is tough to figure out what will happen next.

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