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Growth of online tutoring market in India

Growth of online tutoring market in India

Education has taken a front seat these days and students from primary class to college have immense pressure of their course. With this there is a high demand of tutorials and one can say that online tutorials is surely making its way to the Indian market. Tutoring has become an essential part of the education system in India and students and their parents are in constant look for a good tutorial center. The main reason behind is that the schools are not able to cope up with the number of teachers for the number of students that are there. Now the tutorials play and important role in bridging this gap.

Growth of online tutoring market in India

With internet reaching most of the households, and therefore students of the urban and semi-urban cities, the online tutoring marketing is growing is a steady pace. Online tutoring is quite common in countries like the US but in India it is fairly new concept.

Current scenario in India

With everything becoming digital the approach of students and parents are slowly shifting towards accepting everything related to the online world. Parents and students of urban and semi-urban regions of India are starting to accept the concept of online tutorial.  There are quite some countable companies that have made their way to many of the students and parent and have been successful in establishing the online tutoring market.

But then even now the biggest barrier lies with the mindset of the people in India. It is not that all the people from the urban India are open to the online world. And when it comes to things relating to education, it becomes even more difficult to convince people about the concept of online tutoring. A major reason due to which parents tend to neglect the promises of online teaching is because of the believe that some subjects are understood best when dealt face to face with a pen and a paper.

Other challenges for online tutoring to establish

Online tutoring has a lot of scope in India, especially because of the lack of good teachers in the country. But then there are quite some challenges that the online tutoring companies are facing.

  • It is of no doubt that the ratio of number of students and number of teachers in the country is far away from equal. This is also a big problem that the online tutoring companies have to face. They might just get a lot of students but find tutors for the registered students could be a bigger challenge.
  • Online tutoring is just more than connection students with the teachers. The concept also involves understanding of the student’s education requirements and designing each and every tutorial session in a way that the students are completely benefited by it. It is important that the online tutoring centers understand the each of the curriculum and syllabus and then accordingly manage the tutorials. There is also a need to manage the whole system efficiently by making the right use of the technology.
  • It is known that the offline tutoring business is quite competitive in India. If the online tutoring business kicks off then even the business would not only have a tough competition from the other online tutoring business but also from the offline tutorials.
  • Making margins in the online business can be a little difficult. Where most of the offline tutorial are run by private tutors, there is larger scope of profit. But then online companies would have to pay the tutors the maximum amount and be left with a much smaller amount. Now this may make the online tutoring business to raise the cost of their services, and hence turning away students.

Scope for online tutoring in India

It is of no doubt that online tutoring has a lot of scope in a country like India, where the demand of good teaches and educational centers is extremely high. But then main factors that would basically define the future of this business is the fact how well the online tutorial platforms are able to retain the students and the teachers that they have and create sustainability for their business.

This means that making a student register for a tutorial course online might still become easier, but to retain each of the students for a longer period would surely be a challenge, same goes for the teachers who are associated with the online tutoring business. And these two factors would decide that whether online tutoring business in India would successful or not.

Some important facts about the leading online tutorials in India

Online tutorials Facts about them
Brainnr Have 40 teachers with almost 80% tutor retention and have 1600 students
Vedantu Have 35000 students with an student retention rate of 80%
HelloClass Have 120000 registered students and around 5000 teachers
Eduwizards They have around 25000 tutors associated with them and about 100000 students

One of the largest scope that the online tutorials have is that they are not bound by geography. While the offline tutoring companies cannot reach out beyond a certain geographical limit, the online ones can focus all other the country and beyond, if they want. This makes them a player for a bigger market. If the online tutoring companies can leverage this factor then also the companies would have a brighter future in India. Here the only challenge could be the fact the still there are regions where there is not internet connection. But then eventually internet is making way to rural areas as well. So the online tutorial that are now available for students in the urban and semi-urban areas, in future, may reach out to the students from rural areas as well.

Some factors that would be beneficial for the online tutoring to grow-

  • The basic fact that from school students to the students pursuing graduate and post-graduate degree courses opt for a private tuition. This means that there is a high demand, so with good tutoring managing, online tutoring can grow immensely.
  • Most of the online tutoring platform provide robust training to the students with constant tests and assessment. This makes the platform a stronger platform for learning.
  • These days most of the student love spend time on the internet through their mobile phones, tabs, laptops and computers. Now making then using internet to learn their lessons can be a good option. This factor online tutoring would attract many students to online tutoring
  • Online teaching combines videos, pictures, and more technology. By using such advanced technologies in teaching it could be attractive for students and more effective for learning.

So there is no doubt that online tutoring has a lot of scope in India. The fact of them growing as a strong business in the country depends on the fact that how well they are able to manage this platform of teaching. More than focusing on the fact on how to move people from offline to online, the companies should focus on applying better and more effective tools of teaching. The aim should be on making the platform so much engaging and effective that the students and the parents automatically choose this platform on learning. Online tutoring companies should make complete use of the opportunities that they have and try and meet the needs of students.

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