Tuesday , September 18 2018

Government launches toll free number 1955 to address call drops issue

Government launches toll free number 1955 to address call drops issue

The government has started a new toll free number for all the telecom subscribers. This number will help them give their feedbacks and get better services. Call drops is one of the main issues that the market was facing. Hence steps are being implemented by the government to ensure that this is properly addressed.

Government launches toll free number 1955 to address call drops issue

Here’s all you need to know

  • The number 1955 is for the outbound calls. There is a lot of technical implementation that needs to be done before starting it.
  • A pre defined Caller Line Identification system will be implemented by the IVRS. In fact the work is already underway. This will be done via the short code 1955.
  • The task of taking care of the short codes was given to MTNL – which is a state run company. However they cannot be charged for maintenance, integration or operation, for the same.
  • This scheme will be launched by Manoj Sinha. However it has yet to be mentioned when and where this scheme will be launched by him.
  • The number 1955 will be allotted to receive the feedbacks from those who have taken the services of the telecom subscribers. But this number is solely for feedback on call drops and nothing else.

The government felt that it was a need to introduce a special number to take the feedback on call drops.

 Why this new toll-free number?

There has been an issue of call drops that has been affecting the market severely. To address this problem, this new system was developed. The industry is working with the government to enhance the infrastructure so that the investment can be improved.

With the onset of Jio in the market, the Telecom operators are already trying to come to grasps with their strategy. Call drops cannot be one of the more reasons their business suffers. Hence they are trying to make sure that this is the least of their worries. Of course the government is coming of aid.

The Cellular Operations Association of India said that they are still awaiting clarifications from the DOT regarding implementation of this new short code (1955). Also details on routing and charges are to be made clear. Hence a lot is going to come forward in the next few days. Stay tuned.

So what is the scenario now?

It is an impending task upon the telecom operators to make the number 1955 a mandatory one in their list of toll free numbers. All the local and STD callers will be given this number. So no matter where you are, you can easily complaint about call drops now.

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