Wednesday , September 19 2018

Google’s Revolutionary ‘Instant Apps’

Google’s Revolutionary ‘Instant Apps’

In this digital era, each and every day is filled with lots of surprises with the inventions. Recently, the net giant Google released its revolutionary and most fascinating thing “Instant App” which includes the compressed version of the apps so that users may not need to download the complete app from the play store.

Ever since, the arrival of Google in the mobile platform, there has been a milestone set every now and then by releasing new things for its users. Similarly, Google has done it once again by launching its beta version of ‘Instant App’ which holds lots of useful and unimaginable features for the users.

Problem which many faces while Downloading Apps from Play Store

With the increase value added features in today mobile phones often the users are get struck with the storage. Yes! With the multi function abilities mobile phone operating system itself grabs certain amount of space from the storage unit. Also with the high performing cameras in mobile pictures and videos which are captured by using them would be much larger size when compared with the mobile phones of few years back.

In addition to that, these days, the mobile applications which are downloadable from the play store are often meant to be in higher size, all those factors occupies lots of space in the storage units and it keep pulling the phone’s performance. With the available for millions and millions of apps in the market, it’s hard for the users to try each and every application with the mobile to find out which is suited them better.

What fascinating thing does Google’s Instant App has?

Google’s Instant app which mainly focuses of the web browsers, most often users finds lots of difficulties while surfing internet from their mobile web browsers as the many links which are seen in the pages are directs users towards the play store for downloading to access the link. If you are the person who are in seek for quick reference and ended with such dead end it will be a great frustration.

In order to avoid such things, Google announced this ‘Instant App’ features which holds the applications with more shorter version that can be easily accessible if the users clicks the link which are merged with Google’s instant app means the loading time of that content will be much faster and that too without holding more memories from the mobile’s storage units. In literal, users always loves the application which hold lesser memory, with this features of Instant app users has the option of using the best one instead of preferring low sized applications.

Key features of Google’s Instant App

  • The Google’s Instant App is the most advanced and mind changing concept when it comes to application downloading from the play store or from the app market in android OS.
  • With the presence of the Google’s Instant app in the android based mobile phones, users need not to worry about downloading the essential mobile applications to the mobile phones from the app market. Instead all the necessary apps will be inherited with the Instant app of Google.
  • By sticking with the Google’s revolutionary and innovative application ‘Instant App’ users need not to worry about the storage issues on their mobile phone for accessing the data or getting information from the various applications from the market.
  •  For app developers, Google has the set of instructions and procedures to follow for merging their apps with the Google’s Instant App in their Developer Console section.

The experts in Google well aware of the difficulties faced by the mobile users all around the world and they never failed to provide suitable updates and necessary changes in order to provide full satisfaction to their users.


With the introduction of Google Instant App, now things become much ease for the mobile users who are tends to be active and searching their suitable application in the market. To be frank, the newly released Google’s Instant app will showcase the new path for the mobile application developers to develop new form of application which can be much portable and easy accessible by the users without compromising the storage space of the mobile phones.

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