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Google ‘Toilet Locator’ Service

Google ‘Toilet Locator’ Service

In the issue to fight against the sanitation problems in India, Google is going to launch a toilet location service. This service will be named as ‘Toiler Locator’ by Google. This service will be provided in the capital city of Delhi and its adjoining areas to help common people locate the toilets easily. In the call of Swachh Bharat, this initiative by Google will definitely be a blessing. As per researches, more than 70 per cent houses in India do not have access to proper toilets. This is a major setback in the fight against diseases and other sanitary problems. This experimental project by Google will be firstly implemented in Delhi – NCR region. Then the other metro cities may join the group.

Google ‘Toilet Locator’ Service

How the Google Toilet Locator will work?

Google will integrate the toilet locations in the Google Maps which are the most used mapping services used by Indians. People will be able to view the locations of the toilets through their smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. For searching the toilets, the user will have to enter key words like ‘toilet’, ‘lavatory’, ‘sulabh’, ‘shauchalay’, etc. in the search box of Google Maps. It will show all the available toilets and sulabh complexes which are available near you and locate them in the map. The GPS should be turned on the phone to get more specific results.

Working plan by the Govt. authorities

The Urban Development Ministry has taken up the job to provide Google with the locations of the public toilets available in Delhi and its adjoining areas. Delhi NCR region is expected to get the toilet locator service by Google in this month only. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri A. Kejriwal has started a cleanliness initiative under which several more toilets will be constructed in the country capital and will help in keeping the city clean. Renovation works also being done on the existing toilets across the city.

Reviewing features on toilets

The users who will have access to smart phones with internet facility can view the locations of the toilets through Google Maps. In addition to this, they can review the toilets based on their experience. They can rate them and make reviews on the cleanliness as well as the accessibility features. With this, users who will look those toilets in the Google Maps will be able to find out more details and user reviews of the toilets.

Limitation of the Google ‘Toilet Locator’

  • Those who use smart phones and are tech savvy will only be using this service. So a large percentage of population might not get its advantage.
  • Without internet connection and GPS facility, the Google’s Toilet Locator is useless.
  • People may search for restaurants and petrol pumps in Google Map, but are less likely to search toilets when they need them urgently.
Sl. No. Fields Related data
1 Name of the project Google Toilet Locator
2 Area of implementation Delhi NCR
3 Expected date of implementation 16th to 30th November, 2016
4 Social causes Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and Swachhata Pakhwada.
6 Facility to review and rate the toilets Available

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