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Google Offline Search in Unreliable Mobile Network

The name Google is far more famous than anything else today. Whenever we require any information regarding anything in the world we jump on to the app to find the result. It is not a surprising incident that the company Google Inc keep looking for new and latest technologies to enhance the app. Recently Google has introduced a new offline search facility with which users can get search options in weak network as well.

Google Offline Search in Unreliable Mobile Network

Offline Search in Unreliable Mobile Network

There are many a places even in metro cities in India where mobile network seems to be weaker than we expect and that’s the big concern for google. We often need Google search button to know the next step of us while we are roaming or may be sitting at a corner.

According to the spokesperson Google Inc, the new offline facility will save the search in a weaker network area and will retrieve all the search data once the network is back.

Can users find things on Google when there is no network at all?

Well, the case is not like You Tube offline videos or Google maps here. This system is little different from these two. In case of YT when you don’t have any network in your area you can still watch the offline saved videos by opening the YouTube App.

  • However in Google Offline Search once you are out of coverage area your search process will be stopped. The search queries and details will be, however saved and will retrieve automatically when you will be entered in coverage area.
  • There will be a new feature added to the Google Search Button in Android operating systems. It is called ‘Managed search’. Under this feature you can view all the stopped search results once you are in the coverage area.

Battery draining – Yes or No

Mostly mobile data takes away your battery life faster than all day calls. If you are constantly on search engine, then it will eat up your battery more than anything else. When we talk about offline searches this definitely hits your head about the battery life.

  • The best part of this feature is it will not take away your battery life even when it keeps on going in the background. Because the entire process will be done offline so battery life will barely hamper with this feature.
  • According to the spokesperson Google Inc, the battery life will be intact as this feature will not affect the battery. It will start snatching the device battery once it will enter the strong or lower medium network areas.

Things to know

  • When you use Google search button with new ‘manage searches’ button, the results are shown in this feature via streamlined search feature that does not let your battery die soon.
  • When the device gets low or weaker network, the feature starts working but uses very less data. This will allow you to save much more battery as well as data of your device.
  • If you get confused about the ‘search history’ and this feature then let me clear you here it is not the same. Here in this feature along with the search results your queries and search details will show up.
  • You will get a notification pop up once the device gets network about your last search. You can easily open the notification and check your results that you were searching for.

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