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Google Maps Now Supports Full Offline Mode & SD Card Map Storage

Google Maps Now Supports Full Offline Mode & SD Card Map Storage

Finally, the much need full offline mode of Google Maps has been enabled. Now people do not need internet connection on their smart phones or tablets to get access of Google Maps every time they need to find out a location of address or direction to a landmark. The offline mode of Google Maps allows the user to download the maps beforehand to the phone storage or external storage. Later, the user can view the downloaded map content on the phone even if there is no internet connection. This feature is termed as Offline Areas by the Google. This renovated Offline Google Maps will be available to both the Android as well as iOS users across the world.

Google Maps Offline Mode & SD Card Map Storage

Switching Google Maps to “Wi-Fi Only”

In the latest update provided by Google Maps, the users will have a new field in their Google Maps settings named the “Wi-Fi Only”. This feature will get the saved maps even when one is out of Wi-Fi network and there is no internet connection. In this case, when the user selects this particular field of “Wi-Fi Only”, then only the saved maps which the user has up in the Offline Areas category will just open, allowing to access those maps in absence of internet. When you need some new area which is not saved before, then only you need to go to your online mode and either view it there or download it for later access.

Google Maps providing turn by turn directions in offline mode

After the latest Google Maps update, the users will have more interactive features with the offline Google Maps. Earlier, in the Offline Areas mode of Google Maps, the users were able to just download the map of a desired area and save it for later access. But there was no turn by turn interaction or direction assistance provided in that offline feature. But in its latest offering, Google has made the offline maps feature more interactive and useful for its users. Now, one can easily ask for directions and modified address search options which was earlier available in online mode only. Not only this, Google will also provide tips on duration of travel, contact information of landmarks, etc. in its new update.

Benefits of Offline access of Google Maps

The total offline access of Google Maps is a great innovation by Google. Google is the largest provider of digital maps to all over the world, with billions of users daily betting benefitted by its features. But the offline maps feature has took the accessibility ease of Google Maps to one step further. Even if there is no internet connection in the phone of tablet, one can easily access Google Maps by saving the maps on to the phone storage or SD card storage. This is a great tool of saving data of mobile and cut down data costs, every time one logs into Google Maps. Also this seamless access of maps in offline mode helps in reducing drainage of phone’s battery as live maps consumes a good share of phone battery in a short interval of time. Hence, for road trips or holidays, it is a great feature provided by Google Map. Now, one need not worry of not having mobile data enabled or not having enough battery life.

Google Maps to be stored in SD card also

Earlier, when a user wanted to store the offline maps of Google Maps, he / she had to save the same to the phone’s internal memory. This map package resulted in reduced phone storage, hence slowing down the phone’s performance. But after Google Maps updated their offline maps features, it can be stored in SD card of the phone too. This is a great addition to Google Maps, as those who had limited phone memory w=can now save the offline maps to their external SD card. Whenever a user saves a offline map, a pop up box will ask for preference of storage for the offline areas. One can either select the phone memory or the SD card. It will also show the available memory of both storages. Offline Google area packages are generally big size file of about 300 – 500 MB. This new feature will mostly benefit those users who own entry level smart phones. These phones have very limited phone storage available, after the OS installation and other apps. So they will now be able to download the Offline Areas to their external SD card memory.

Added ride service assistance

The new update of Google Maps will also assist the users to have rides on the app cabs and app based transportation facilities. This new feature will be available in India too. Google has collaborated with both Ola and Uber which will now show ride services to the users. This feature is has also been started in several other countries worldwide like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Few important data:

Sl. No. Attributes Related data
1 Map Service Provider Google
2 Latest update of Google Maps Version 9.33.1
3 Offline map access Through ‘Offline Areas’
4 SD card storage Available
5 Update introduction date 1st Aug, 2016
6 Added ride assisting service platforms in India Ola and Uber

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