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Google fiber in India

Google fiber in India

The world of technology is moving to great heights each and every day. In the modern world that we are living, internet has became one of the most important tool for survival. Rather than just a requirement, it has become one of the necessities for most of the people in the world in the recent days. The search for regular internet has been upgraded to a new era of high speed internet. Whether it is wired or wireless mode, there is always a high demand for high speed internet connectivity.

Google fiber in India

S.No About Google Fiber Details
1 Google Fiber A Broadband Internet and Cable Television Provider
2 Currently Owner Alphabet Inc.
3 Launched Date February 10, 2010
4 Number of TV subscribers Google Fiber  68,715
5 Number of broadband customers owned by Google Fiber 453,000

Google fiber and its advantages:

It will be an amazing thing for people if they are getting connected to high speed internet and downloading contents that they want with amazing speeds. The typical internet speed that is available in India in recent days is ranging up to some tens of MBPS. It is quite difficult for people to imagine what will be speed when they are browsing in the range of GBPS. Most people think that there is no such thing like GBPS in the world of internet, but it actually exists in reality through Google fiber.

Amazing speeds that is capable by Google fiber is now coming to India. The main reason why it has been introduced late in India is because of a number of restrictions that are put forward by the department of telecommunication in India. In US, many people are using best services of Google fiber and satisfying their demands for internet connectivity in a perfect manner. The existing internet providers in India are also opposing Google fiber in a number of ways as they fear for the following reasons:

  • They have to provide more data rate for the same price that they are providing for low speed connections
  • They have to cut down their service costs as they have to make sure that they are preventing people from moving to Google fiber if it is being introduced
  • They have to upgrade their fiber capacity and also the backend processing capabilities to make sure that they are providing a perfect competition for Google fiber

Initiatives by Google fiber in India:

There are a number of talks now being made between government officials and Google fiber team on how they are going to implement their services in India. If Google fiber is able to deliver the speed of 1 GBPS in India, then it will be a very big revolution in the Indian market as there is no operator in India has tried to achieve this height till date. What most of the operators say in common is that there is only less number of computers with the capacity to deliver browsing speed in GBPS rate.

One thing that most of the current operators in India failed to realize is that there are a number of people now upgrading their system with many more capabilities where this GBPS capability is one among them. If most people are done with their upgrades with their computer, then current operators will have to lag behind the ongoing trend of technology. This is foreseen by Google fiber some years before and hence they started to deliver high speed internet access with speed of 1 GBPS.

Practical difficulties for Google fiber in India:

As mentioned earlier, Google fiber team has to face a number of issues if they have to deploy their services all over India. The first and foremost thing that they must do is that they must get license as internet service provider in India which is one of the hectic task. It is a necessity for Google fiber team to participate in auction that is conducted by government for getting license to function as an operator in India. It is not an easy task that can be done within a day.

As most of the places in US are scanned by a number of satellites, it will be very easy for the installation team to route the fibers and direct their services for customer base much easier. This is not the case in India as the vast geographical area makes it a very big barrier for survey of customer base. Also the distribution of population groups in India is not uniform. Fiber has to run across multiple villages and small towns where customer base may not be that much big, making it commercially not viable.

Even if Google fiber can overcome these many obstacles, they have to find out customer base within a short span of time to continue their business in India in a profitable manner. They have to withstand a heavy competition from the existing service providers and attract new customer base. Google fiber team has various plans to overcome all these difficulties and implement their services in India as early as possible.

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