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Google unveils ‘Digital Unlocked’ and ‘My Business Websites’ for Indian Small Businesses

Google unveils ‘Digital Unlocked’ and ‘My Business Websites’ for Indian Small Businesses

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai recently visited India on 4th Jan, 2017 and held a program with students of IIT Kharagpur. The same IIT is where he has passed out from few years ago. He has launched two programs to provide Google’s technical support for the entrepreneurs and small scale businessmen. The initiatives introduced by the Google’s CEO are namely ‘Digital Unlocked’ which is dedicated to provide technical training for the small and medium businesses, and ‘My Business Websites’ which is dedicated to market their business setup and make opportunities. These two policies are specifically tailored by Google team for all the small and medium sector businesses or commonly known as SMBs, which are mushrooming in India but needs proper technical support and flow.

Google unveils ‘Digital Unlocked’ and ‘My Business Websites’ for Indian Small Businesses

What is Digital Unlocked?

As the name suggests, the Digital Unlocked program is a concept of Google which aims to unlock all the digital barriers and potholes which are faced by startups and SMBs while they start their journey. In this digital world, no company or organization can flourish and reach its maximum potential without lack of digital advancement and without implementation of latest technologies. For an Indian SMB to become efficient to its maximum and compete with the outer market, it is very necessary to have quality training from the leaders of technology, i.e. Google and getting recognized on a larger scale. Those small scale or mid scale companies, or even the entrepreneur groups can register with this Google initiative and get proper digital and technical training. The training program will be carried out by Google using three different modes i.e. through mobile phones, through online training program and the last will be taking offline training workshops.

Online training initiative under Google’s ‘Digital Unlocked’

Google will provide technical and digital training to those SMBs which will register themselves for online mode of training under this program. Google has designed their training videos keeping the needs and structure of Indian businesses. There will be a set of 90 such training videos which will e certified by the following organizations:

  • Indian School of Business

The online tutorials can be learnt by the beneficiaries, in a self-paced manner and there is no strict deadline to catch up. The link for registration is The tutorials will be provided free of cost for the registered SMBs in India.

Offline training and mobile training initiatives under Google’s ‘Digital Unlocked’

For those partners who want to get training through their mobile, a mobile app has been launched. Google has named this app – Primer which is available for both Android and Apple phone users. They can download this app from Play Store and iOS Store respectively. This mobile app is presently been launched in Hindi and English languages. However to increase its acceptance, Google has planned to launch it in Tamil, Marathi and other regional languages. The Primer app will work both with and without internet connectivity. And for the offline mode of training, Google will conduct technical workshops in 40 selected towns and cities. These workshops will run for three years and a total of 5 thousand such workshops will be taken.

What is ‘My Business Website’?

For each and every business these days, be it a small or large scaled, a website of its own has become very essential in present situation. A smart and well built website not only helps the company to reach its customers in an effective manner, but also help in the growth of the business. With teaming up with Google’s above mentioned policy, a SMB in India can easily create its own website which will be simple yet effective. Google will design the website keeping specifications of the beneficiaries, but there will be much scope of alterations and customizations. The main mantra to create a simple website is that the presentation is always perfect and the customers will be able to connect with the business, in a hassle free manner. A fancy and rich designed website sometimes does not serve the goal for many companies, especially for the SMBs.

Features provided by ‘My Business Website’ by Google

In the end, the important part is how your business performs, connects with its consumers and grows. Keeping that in mind, Google has offered to make custom websites based on the nature of work and needs of the Indian small scale and mid scale companies. Google will provide some basic templates, pictures along with Maps if required. These websites can be developed free of cost in any of the major regional languages of India. A company wanting a website with Google’s support can create it in 10 different languages namely:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Gujarati
  • Urdu
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Telugu

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