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Ginni Chatrath is Kapil Sharma’s Wife (Girlfriend)

Ginni  chatrath is Kapil Sharma’s Wife (Girlfriend)

Kapil Sharma is most loved Actor and Television comedian anchoring one of the most popular comedy night’s show. He manages to win the hearts of millions of his fans with his humor and laughter show. He is also a celebrity who is loved by millions of fans from around the world. Even if Kapil Sharma shares his laughter show with unlimited fans, still not much has been shared by him about his personal life. For the very first time, the comedy show king has opened up and talked about his love life.

Ginni  chatrath is Kapil Sharma's Wife (Girlfriend)

What kapil Sharma shared with his fans on Twitter?

Being the best stand up comedian, it is certain that Kapil Sharma has a very unique way of surprising his fans. He surprised his fans by sharing a picture of his girlfriend with caption on his twitter page. In the photograph kapil Sharma is seeing in a very cute pose with his girlfriend.  Apart from this kapil also posted few lines saying that his girlfriend in the picture is the one who adds meaning to his life. Kapil also requested his fans to welcome her and expressed his feelings for her.

Some more tweets by kapil…..

Even before kapil made the big announcement official, he shared a tweet with them saying that he wanted to disclose a very important message with them; something that he considered was one of the best things happening to him. Later on he added a request statement asking them to wait for a few moments for the big announcement. After this statement Kapil officially disclosed the photograph of his girlfriend to all his fans online.

Rumors from the past

There have been a number of rumors about kapil Sharma having relationship with other girls in the past, but till date no such claims have been made official by him. It is also believed that the comedy show anchor had been in relationship with Ginni for a couple of years and has always ensured that their relationship has always been under cover. Not much have been talked or discussed about their relation by kapil officially in the past.

It is also known that Ginni had shared a few snaps of her and kapil online. In some of the photographs Ginni have also been seen posing with Kapil’s family. Apart from this, few captions were also added by her tweeting that a possible relationship was actually existing between her and kapil Sharma. In her photographs Ginni can also be seen enjoying a nice family dinner with kapil’s family members. The picture was also captioned as “My family” in her tweeter account.

Kapils earlier personal quotes about his love life

It is certain that being well known celebrity in cinema and television media kapil has managed to add many fans to his existing list. More number of girls are also included in this list. With such a big fan list the comedian star has always remained personal when speaking of his love life. On a few special occasions one can always get to read a few tweets on his tweeter page sharing his words of love. As for most of his female fans, there certainly is a sigh of never ending relief as kapil has not much talked about his girlfriend yet.

We still wonder if there are any signs about ringing wedding bells about this new relationship with Ginni. Even if this is the case, still tweets like this can always surprise most of his fans.

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