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Free Wifi Scheme by the Bihar State Government

Free Wifi Scheme by the Bihar State Government

In order to promote the India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s dream making India Digital, in recent days there has been so many innovative and renovative schemes are being introduced by both central and state governments of India.

In addition to that, the recent amendment to those initiatives the state government of Bihar has introduces free Wi-Fi scheme to the public. With the introduction of this scheme, the Bihar State takes the pride of providing the longest free Wi-Fi zone in the world.

Free Wifi Scheme by the Bihar State Government

Details about Free Wi-Fi Scheme in Bihar

The state government of Bihar is about to provide free internet facilities to its state people in order to improve the state resident’s quality life. The government plans to launch its free Wi-Fi services in all railway stations, bus stands, schools, colleges and universities.

With the aid of Railtel-Google, the state government of Bihar successfully implements the free Wi-Fi services in all the railway stations located in Patna city which is the capital city of the state Bihar. Recently, the free internet scheme has been extended to schools, colleges and all education institutes of the Bihar State.

Free Wi-Fi Services for Educational Institutes in Bihar

In order to provide proper and quality education, the state government of Bihar introduces the free internet schemes in all educational institutes located in Bihar constituency.

Actually, providing such free internet facilities for all fellow citizen of Bihar is one among the seven resolves set by the current Chief Minister of the Bihar State Mr. Nitish Kumar.

While addressing the provision of free internet services to the colleges and universities of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar remembers the promises which he gave to the state residents during the election campaign on last year’s state assembly election. With the announcement free internet services about 300 colleges and near about 9 universities will be beneficial with this.

Restrictions set by the Bihar State Government on this Free Internet Service

  • First of all, the free internet service offered by the state government of Bihar on the educational institutes does not allow pornographic sites under this free scheme.
  • The speed limit of internet service provided under this free Wi-Fi scheme of Bihar State government has 10 Mbps, however, bigger educational institutes like IITs would able to receives the speed of 20 Mbps.
  • Government restricts the free internet users from misusing the free Wi-Fi scheme offered in the state of Bihar. Government would not accept downloading movies at large scales under this free internet scheme.
  • The main intention of the free internet scheme is to provide free aid to students on case of supporting their educational purpose. This scheme can be utilized for downloading book and other relevant study materials for students.

Impact of this Free Wi-Fi Scheme

On the recent announcement came from Mr. Rahul Singh the managing director of BELTRON (Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Limited) pointed that the Information Technology department of Bihar State is planned to restrict user’s activity based on the stat received by the survey.

He added that one guy living within the free internet zone have downloaded around 300 movies via free internet scheme, the main intention of this free Wi-Fi scheme is to provide valuable resources through internet. In order to restrict such misusage, government planning to restrict the usage limits of individual users. However, there has no statement from state government as downloading movies from free Wi-Fi is illegal as they announced as banned viewing pornographic sites, so downloading movies in few numbers are allowable.


The free Wi-Fi scheme introduced in the state of Bihar would surely encourage the internet usage among the public especially among the students can avail more benefits with this scheme, if they planned to utilize this scheme in positive thoughts and in rightful way. With the success of this free Wi-Fi scheme, the Bihar state would be the path setter for all other states of India to follow.

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