Free Wi-Fi facility available at Daman and Diu

Free Wi-Fi facility available at Daman and Diu

India is country which is full of sight. Second Largest tourist area in Asia .Millions of international people come every year to see different location of India. And government is trying to grow it more and more. That why Trying to give more facilities to its international visitor.

Free Wi-Fi facility available at Daman and Diu

S.NoThings Need to KnowDetailed Information
1India in TourismSecond Largest in Asia
2Rank hold by India in worldwide Tourism11th
3New Facilities launched by Indian Government to promote tourismFree Wi-Fi
4Where this Free WiFi facilities going to be launchedIn Daman and Diu
5State Government Combines with which operator to offer such facilitiesBSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited)
6Data plan for this Free Usage for tourist300MB data with speed of 2 to 4 Mbps

Daman and Diu is one of the most upcoming tourist destinations in India. Daman and Diu are well identified for its pristine and beautiful beaches Daman and Diu. In Daman, one can see the Fort of St. Jerome at Nani Daman, where there is a Jain temple as well. The forts and churches of the history and the pubs of these days join to create a strange ambience of nostalgia and experience.

Free Wi-Fi Service

No one can get free Wi-Fi facility 300MB of data at a speed of 2 to 4 Mbps. This will help the tourist to get connected with their relative by mean of internet.

As they get free internet usages with the help of Wi-Fi so they can also get updated about news and other things using the internet.This is one big step towards Digital India programme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

It is expected that after this WI- Fi facility tourism will increase in these 2 areas and people of these area will get more work. In coming days it is planned that other Union Territory will also be given right to usethe free Wi-Fi days.

Areas in which free Wi-Fi facilities is available in Daman·         Fort area,

·         Pargola Garden,

·         Bom Church

·         Moti Daman and Nani Daman Jetty

·         Devka Beach,

·         Marwad Hospital,

·         Somnath Temple and Jampore Beach.

Areas in which free Wi-Fi facilities is available in Diu·         Nagoa Beach,

·         Khukri,

·         Bandar Chowk, and Jalandhar Guest House.

Free Wifi facilities and Tourists

All these Efforts are done to make the whole Daman and Diu free Wi-Fi Zone in coming days so that tourist can excess the net anywhere when he is in Daman and Diu

As according to Prime Minister of India Mr. NarendraModi, tourism is our main industry and we can get lot from this so we should promote our tourism. According to him if we give different facilities to tourist then more and more visitor will come to our country and our people will also get more work. So everyone should also help to implement these schemes so that we can grow more and more.

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