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Free Voice Calls Plans From BSNL

Free Voice Calls Plans From BSNL

The price war seems to be not ending so soon between the major telecommunication providers in India. After releasing Jio offer by Reliance the rival providers have started experimenting with their plans and offers to get each other down. In a recent event the managing director told a leading newspaper that they are offering cheaper talk time plans than Jio this New Year. The rates will be as low as Rs. 2 to Rs. 4/-.

Free Voice Calls Plans From BSNL

BSNL Cheap plans

  • BSNL is recent times have launched 3G and 4G cheap plans for the broadband users. The plan they started is much cheaper than what Jio is offering at this moment.
  • After this internet package now the company gets more conscious and is keen to launch a new talk time plan where the user will get free voice call for lifetime.
  • The plan will be paired with the mobile connections and broadband connections at home. Those who are using broadband connections at home will get this facility as the company is planning to route the outgoing calls through the broadband they are using at home.
  • The facility will be available to those who have landline connection (broadband) but it will be available out of home as well for the mobile phone users.
  • The charges will be less than Rs. 149/- that is the current price offered by Jio. BSNL claimed that the price of such free talk plans will be nearly Rs. 2 to 4/-

Jio vs. BSNL

Reliance is definitely a bigger name than BSNL while talking about profits. BSNL, the loss making public sector unit has good coverage of customer base in few states like Kerala, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa and such. Whereas Reliance covers the 90% of the country including metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and such.

On the other the network connection is much swifter in Jio than in BSNL in many areas. The later does not stop even facing so many issues from the customer base. According to the managing director, the company keeps an eye on Jio’s performance as well as customer’s preference. Looking at both they have planned to launch such plans. They are hopeful that many a people will shift to BSNL after that.

Provider BSNL
Plan Free talk plans
Validity Lifetime
Rates Lower than Rs. 149
Nature Paired with broadband (landline) connection

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