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Free Textbooks Scheme Assam (9th & 10th Class Students)

Free Textbooks Scheme Assam (9th & 10th Class Students)

As higher study rate in India is very low. A large number of students drop the school after primary education because they have no resources for education. Parents said that no doubt their children will get free education in government school but from where they buy book. That is the reason that most of poor student leave their school because of lack of text books.

Free Textbooks Scheme Assam (9th & 10th Class Students)

To increase the rate of education in the middle of the poor students Assam government plan to give free text book to the students of class 9th and class 10th from next study session i.e. from the 2017. As new study session will start in January 2017 so government plan to give books to students in new session.

This scheme is named with Free Textbooks Scheme Assam – Free Books for 9th & 10th Class Students. Under this free textbooks scheme, books would be provided to the school children within the 25th of December. Since, the new sessions of classes in Assam starts from 1st of January every year. Students will get the complete set of book for their new academic years.

Objective of the scheme:

The main objective of this scheme is to increase the enrolment ratio in the state funded educational institutes and also government keen on reducing the number of school dropout rates in the state. The state government of Assam wants the poor people to make their child complete their higher education and the dropout from the school because of lack of books not to be happening anymore.

Who will get these books?

  • This Free Textbooks Scheme in Assam is only for the students are in the secondary education classes of 9th and 10th. i.e. students who will appear in class 9th and class 10th in January 2017 will get these book
  • All the government, Government aided school, all tea garden schools, local body school, and all model schools students will get text books for free from the government under this new scheme.

Documents needed to take benefits of this scheme:

A student needs not to show any kind of documents and salary certificate of parents to get these text books. All students from the above mentioned classes will get the free text books in free and get the right of the higher education.

Who will deliver these books?

Government gives tender of this project to the Assam State Textbook Production and Publication Corporation Limited. This publication will provide the text books directly to the schools. They will be monitor by Deputy Commissioner as Chairman, Inspector of Schools as Member Secretary and two principals to be nominated by the Deputy Commissioner so that all the students will get the books. This committee work is to ensure that there will be no cheating happening.

Expected Outcome

Government expects that if this scheme will decrease the school leaving rate of poor child. And to ensure the child from poor families gets the higher education. By providing higher education will decrease the poverty rate in the state. After getting the higher education chances by the poor and talented students, the rate of getting good employment too increases. Overall this scheme will be in favor of the poor students of Assam state.

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