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Free subscription to Vodafone Play App for 3 months

Free subscription to Vodafone Play App for 3 months

After the successful launch of Reliance Jio, the companies like Vodafone and Airtel are trying to roll out new offers to retain their subscribers. Vodafone, which is the largest telecom company of the country, has announced that it will offer free subscription to the Vodafone Play App till 31st December. One is bound to notice how this date coincides with Jio’s free services expiration date. So is this an offer that can regenerate the subscribers’ interest? For this, we will have to look at the features the app is providing.

Free subscription to Vodafone Play App for 3 months

What does the app have?

According to the company, Vodafone Play App has 14,000 film titles to watch from and there are more than 180 TV channels to watch. Apart from this, there’s a huge catalogue for music listening. So you get music, movies and TV, all under one app. But is that unique enough for the app to survive even with free features? We have seen that there are so many apps that are already giving free services.

What were the previous offers?

Previously the telecom company was offering the app for free only to 4G subscribers for three months and to 3G subscribers for only 1 month. However, now it has announced that for all users it will be free for 3 months. Obviously this is an attempt to give tough competition to Jio’s ‘welcome offer’ hat offers 10 apps for free till December 31st.

What brought this forth?

There are two main points to consider about this –

  • So far the counter has been moving steadily to combat the effects of Jio’s super cheap launch. These prices seemed disruptive in terms of tariff reduction and therefore all the other telecom companies had to reduce their pricing on voice calls.
  • After reducing the telecom charges, the companies have been trying to lower the data rates and now they are also offering free services to offer something as good as Jio.

Statements and Announcements straight from Vodafone

Meanwhile the director commercial of Vodafone, Mr. Sandeep Kataria, said that people are increasingly becoming fond of watching videos and music on their smart phones. This is why this app will be useful to them. Ask about the uniqueness of this app, he says that unlike the rest of the apps, this one has music, movies and TV all under one single app – you didn’t need to download thousands of apps to fulfill your needs. He also said that this app will offer the best there is for entertainment of the masses.


Serial No. Info Data
1 Free offer till December 31st
2 App that offers free services Vodafone Play App
3 Largest telecom in India Vodafone

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